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About project

Solutiam is a source-to-contract platform that connects procurement professionals who want to share deep purchasing and procurement knowledge with their prospects and vice versa. It’s a platform designed for all industry procurement needs with thousands of top rated experts who can provide accurate, rapid, relevant market information to drive any business forward.


IndiaNIC helped envision the solution for our client, which would ensure that small to medium sized companies can have access to extensive and accurate procurement knowledge without burning a hole in their pockets. Even large companies will benefit as they can improve their procurement strategy and broaden their horizon of knowledge.

Our client from Belgium who has been in the business of industry consultation himself wanted to create a platform beyond his expertise. He wanted people with similar knowledge skills to come together on a platform which was reliable, efficient and easy to use. While designing Solutiam, we had to keep in mind the user stories of two key users to design a solution that’s highly intuitive and an industry leader.

The users could be anyone ranging from service providers, experts or consultants who seek and give industrial information or product expertise before purchasing. The combination of searches can be in millions, so our challenge was to brainstorm and come up with a design that was functional and easy to use.

Our Strategy

Our team of Business analysts and designers did an extensive requirement gathering to lay out the scope of the project. As this project needed more than just a good UI/UX, we carried out multiple brainstorming sessions with the client to outline the business model and finalise the top features.

We decided to introduce a Category and filtered based search for different industries along with drop down options for given keywords to simplify the search. We wanted the users to quickly get the information they wanted with minimum clicks.

Our team researched the current market trends and did a detailed stakeholder analysis to identify the revenue model. To outline user journeys, our team made process and activity diagrams and went on to create wireframes for easy prototyping.

To enhance the UX, we gave two predefined questions the knowledge seekers can choose from with a set answer format for experts. This helped us narrow down to only the important information and a simplified experience for the users.


Made for

Industrialists, Procurement individuals, Industrial experts

Technologies Used



The project was designed and developed keeping in mind its business rules and modules. We created an intuitive UI design to align and integrate all of the clients business goals and provide a great platform for procurement needs around the world.