Are the Voice Assistant Devices Good or Bad for Kids?

By Abhishek Amin Apr 27, 2021, 12:48:38 PM , In Automation
Are the Voice Assistant Devices Good or Bad for Kids?

Voice skill is nothing but a smart voice user interface (VUI) that enables people to use voice input to control computers, smartphones, and other devices. In short, it’s what enables voice experiences like Alexa, Amazon’s voice service behind millions of devices including the smart speaker like Amazon Echo.

Apps leveraging Voice-First technology and the usage of smart speakers such as Amazon Echo/ Echo Dot, Google Home, or Apple’s HomePod have been remarkable. Voice assistant and voice skill development have helped differently-abled people to be self-independent. On the other hand, voice technology has been transforming almost every industry, consumer experience, workplace, etc.

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But are these voice-first technology and their applications through various digital assistants good or bad for the children? Of course, your kids would love to use it if you are using it. They are even more enthusiastic about it than us.

From funny questions, entertainment to playing games and advice, your children will ask every possible thing to the voice assistant. But, this is not good in a way. There is a need to be watchful for providing access to children. If they get habituated, then it can affect their communicative skills as well. But, there are many benefits of using the technology.

For Guardians

Quick To-Do List

Taking care of children’s routines in our busy lives is becoming more difficult due to the number of assignments and changes in the educational system leveraging the implementation of new syllabus as the times are passing by. Voice assistants help the guardians to create a to-do list for them as well as for the kids in no time at all.


Set reminders on the go about the children’s school routine, tasks, assignments deadlines, tuitions, online classes, etc. You can even set reminders for the eating habits, medicines, supplements, etc. Within a short time, it will be the most convenient way where you and your kids will simply follow the routine with the help of timely reminders. Time management is the biggest plus.

Tell stories

Anytime and anywhere, you can turn a smart speaker into a storyteller. Select any skill from multiple options and ask it to read a story for the kids. It can sing your kids a lullaby too. Smart speakers leveraging voice skills will definitely entertain your kids.

Interactive Companion

Custom-developed Alexa skills or Google Actions can keep your child engaged for hours. With amazing engaging features, your child will feel awesome. It will also help in the development of the cognitive skills of your child.

Set timers 

Setting timers are like reminders, that help you and your child to focus on specific activities during the day and night. This includes studies, playing time, eating time, sleeping time, etc.

Set Clock/Alarm

Parents can choose and demand Alexa for setting an alarm just by saying the time. The great features will help you wake up your child in the best way possible.


Alexa has so many games like Bingo, Tic-tac-toe to the Magic door, that’ll keep your children well occupied. The best part is that your children can choose a category they love to play the most.

Automated light Control

Leveraging the smart lights and smart home automation solutions, turn on/off the lights in the room just by demanding Alexa-powered smart speakers or Google Home devices.

For children

Device Integration

Integration of multiple gadgets is probably the simplest feature of the voice assistant. From home appliances to electronic devices, anything can be integrated with voice assistant technology. If both the oldsters are working, it becomes easier for youngsters to use gadgets.

Convenience of Use

The generation of the kids is getting smarter with time and innovations around. You will find them playing games or watching something on the tablet. For youngsters, the utilization of voice assistants like Google assistant may be a great feature, they feel comfortable with.

Interactive Learning

Alexa skill development feature guides and helps your children in some ways. Interactive features and voice commands are great for straightforward learning. you’ll also set customized options for commands.

Smart Assistance

Voice assistant technology provides assistance like no other. Your child can ask any query or question. Most parents set this to parental control feature in order that there’s no misuse. Safety-wise also it’s much secured for your child.

Communication is better

Communication skills are holding a paramount level of importance in the present time and future too. Every single child has got to learn good skills to excel in every field with the strength in vocabulary and communication. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant can help to enhance the communication skills of your children. With prolonged use, it also can help to develop language skills.

The majority of the youngsters use voice technology for instant information, ask funny questions, and play music. And even this number is increasing by every purchase of smart speakers being sold within the market. This only means voice assistant technology is getting fashionable time, even amongst minors.

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