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Since 1997, we have been building result centric and budget optimised solutions with a beautiful blend of design and technology for Fortune 500 brands, industry leaders and lean startups across the world.

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From Design Sprints to Agile Development

We deliver quality products that stay within the predefined budget by identifying and adapting to changes much earlier in the entire process, avoiding getting into an irreversible stage where the cost of changes is higher.

Mobile App Development

We’ve built intuitive and interactive apps for businesses, consumers & enterprises that end users love and adapt to very quickly. Our dedicated mobile app developers have been creating iOS and Android apps for so many years that it’s not just their passion anymore but thousands of clients have obtained exceptional results for their businesses.

Web Development

We’ve built mobile backend systems as well as web applications acorss numerous industry verticals. Whether it’s PHP, .NET or Java, our team of web developers is equipped with building CMS, E-commerce and business applications that are of excelling standards. Additionally, our web developers can build front-end, back-end, and APIs as per the solution on demand.

UI/UX Design

Design is always a fundamental contributor to the experience of digital products. Even when you don’t have one, it’s there in the shape of bad design. Our team of creative masterminds not only design user interfaces but also design digital experience around the users with prime focus on key problems and higher engagement.

Mobile Games

The gaming industry is at rise like never before and it’s not surprising why app ecosystems have dedicated their focus to developing games on mobiles. Our team of certified game developers is raving about creating immersive gaming experiences with their expertise in 2D & 3D games as well as VR headset experiences, backed by a creative team of designers and artists.

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While we can't show you all the work that we’ve done, we can give you a tip of the iceberg and the processes and technologies we’ve used. Hope you like the shiny bits of our work that breach the surface.


Innovation, Bottoms Up.

Jugaad innovation is frugal approach to getting more done with less.

When we mix organized Jugaad with our structural R&D and expertise, it can deliver commendable results that create value. All in all, IndiaNIC believes that Jugaad shouldn't replace the structured approach to innovation but rather compliment it like bread & butter. It’s always about finding the right balance between top-down R&D vs bottom-up Jugaad innovation.

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