Intelligent Personal & Virtual Assistants for Restaurant Business

By Abhishek Amin Sep 11, 2020, 3:25:02 PM , In Automation
Intelligent Personal & Virtual Assistants for Restaurant Business

Hello and good day to all of you! I hope you fancy what we have seen so far through the articles on smart solutions for restaurant business blog series.

To summarize the last blog on Role of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Restaurant business, we saw how AI can transform the operations of online food delivery businesses or even the physical restaurants with greater efficiency along with the range of benefits for an ultimate customer experience.

Today, we will continue our gest about another set of technologies which have already transformed multiple industries and are digging their way to the F&B industry. Intelligent personal and virtual assistants. Yeah, you can bet on them to help your restaurant to be a talk of the town. Let us see how.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Gone are the days when the people were searching for the right restaurants based on their taste and desired dishes. The people commute a lot these days, domestically and internationally. The world has gone mobile in this decade and the rate that people browse their smartphones for anything they want is really remarkable.

Businesses are still adapting to this technology transformation to give greater visibility online. Okay, everyone is doing it and a lot have already done it before sitting at the top, what now? You should be asking this question to yourself. This is where innovations can be led through virtual assistants.

Virtual assistants will collect important data from the restaurants to showcase to the potential visitors instantly. This data includes the distance, wait times, menus, locations, images, etc. So, based on the interactions between the machines, users get to choose the restaurant and to book a table.

Let us have a look at three most popular intelligent assistants and how they can help restaurant and online food ordering businesses.

Intelligent Digital Assistants for Restaurants


Chatbots development

In the simplest terms, a Chatbot is nothing but an AI powered software solution which can simulate conversations with the users in natural language via messaging apps, websites, web apps, and mobile apps.

Chatbots can help to process and customize food orders quickly. They can also help customers to get instant information related to their queries. For restaurants, chatbots can ease and speed up the process of managing reservations, taking the runtime orders, and give the customers a human-like experience during communication over the website or a mobile application.

It will not be long before the chatbots will provide replies to the users through voice messages, all thanks to the emerging voice technology. Voice assistants are the next one on the list.

Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants

Emergence of voice assistant technology and voice assistant devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home are no strangers in the market now. AI integration with such voice assistants has been proven a boon for the restaurant businesses. In fact, if this fact may help you the success of AI integration to voice technology, it has helped restaurants to develop a whole new customer base to fetch orders. It means increased revenue.

IndiaNIC, an award winning AI & ML development solutions provider, has an intelligent breed of AI developers who have fostered innovations in the restaurant industry by implementing smart solutions. The efforts have begun to develop POS systems which can take voice orders for a swift ordering process. It can also help to upsell other products and services using recommendations based on the input queries. The drive-through concept of restaurants amid COVID-19 is the hotspot where AI powered chatbots with AI integration can be a huge success in delivering contactless and the most advanced customer experience.

Personal Assistants : AI-driven Robots

AI-driven Robots

Smart AI-driven robots are the intelligent and personal assistants. I bet you would fancy a robot serving you while dining into a restaurant, taking orders, delivering food to your table and what not.

Flippy, a smart robot developed for a famous restaurant chain called Caliburger, was programmed to prepare food in the kitchen, to prepare 300 burgers every day. Following a tremendous success of Flippy, the company ordered 50 more robots for various operations as the customer feedback was extremely encouraging.

Flippy assists with grilling, frying, prepping and plating. The robot functions using software integrated with sensors and cameras  allowing it to “see” the food it is helping to prepare and monitor important features such as temperature control.

Benefits of Intelligent & Virtual Assistants for Restaurants

Messengers are the new Internet and chatbots are new websites. If that’s true, there’s a reason for every hotel to think about how they can improve customer satisfaction, adding one more channel of communication. Following are some of the aspects which are instantly improved by the AI-powered voice, virtual, or personal assistants. Have a look at some of the benefits below.

Some factors that come to mind immediately are:

  • Automated ordering and management
  • Less waiting time for guests and customers
  • Less expenses for phone calls if in roaming
  • Enhanced engagement with customers
  • Instant & accurate restaurant information
  • Upselling of products 
  • higher customer satisfaction
  • More accuracy in overall operations

Hence, that was it about our series on Smart Restaurant Solutions. Know more about what could be done for your sole restaurant or a restaurant chain or an online food ordering and delivery business.

Get hands-on experience in working with some of the best food and beverage industry experts and technology enthusiasts at IndiaNIC. Let’s talk about the possible solutions for your restaurant business.

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