Smart Farming Solutions Transforming Cultivation

By Abhishek Amin May 18, 2021, 10:47:34 AM , In Automation
Smart Farming Solutions Transforming Cultivation

We all have been hearing this buzzword “Smart Farming” of late. Let us first understand what smart farming is! The data acquired through various sources (historical, geographical, and instrumental) is used in the management of cultivation operations and activities. Smart systems differentiate themselves through their ability to record the data and make sense out of it. 

Smart agriculture combines the IoT sensors as hardware devices and custom software (SaaS) to fetch and process the data to give actionable insights. This helps farmers to manage all the operations on the farm before and after the harvesting. Smart farming solutions help farmers not only improving the productivity of the crops but also help in efficient monitoring and management of the livestock.

The Need for Smart Farming Solutions

Demand for food is also increasing with the increasing population globally and decreasing lands of farming. Moreover, the concerning situation of global warming along with good-quality water resources made it inevitable for advanced technologies to enter the farming industry. 

Of course, the farmers need to be smart and think about these innovations to manage their farming and livestock, even remotely, leveraging responsive website application development or custom mobile app development. Smart farming solutions will empower the farmers to reduce waste and cut the overall costs in the agriculture business. 

Advanced Farming Solutions

Smart agricultural solutions leveraging trending technologies have started to transform the agriculture industry. IoT app development integrated with the use of AI & ML development is implemented by many, who have realized the potential of them. The rise of such efficient solutions has perked up the farmers and given a new vision to farming.

IoT Applications for Smart Farming 

The term “Precision Farming” has been surfaced due to the technology called the Internet of Things (IoT).  It uses various hardware sensors to measure the temperature, humidity, soil moisture, etc., and automates the system to provide exactly what the crop or a plant needs. 

With this automation system in place, farmers can receive real-time data about the temperature and overall health of the crops. Advanced IoT applications can help in boosting crop productivity.

  • Diagnose existing and potential problems
  • Sensor-based resource mapping
  • Precision farming
  • Crop management
  • Automated water supply
  • Real-time & remote monitoring

Agritech Solutions for Smart Livestock Monitoring

Cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, horses, dogs, chickens, etc. contribute significantly to food, clothing, and transportation for humans. Animal husbandry is an unavoidable and core part of farming that deals with the day-to-day caring, breeding, raising, and monitoring of livestock.

Thanks to wearable technology, GPS, Geofence, Machine Learning, and IoT, a lot of Livestock Monitoring solutions can be developed and implemented. Such technologies have made it possible for farmers and livestock managers to monitor and check the health of the livestock. 

Based on sensors places in the wearable devices, farmers can monitor and check the heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, digestion, real-time tracking, etc. for the livestock animals. Farmers can get alerts if any animal crosses the geofencing limits and can track the location of that animal in real-time.

  • Real-time livestock tracking
  • Remote health monitoring 
  • Livestock reproductive cycles monitoring
  • ML-based health monitoring
  • Optimize grazing patterns

Data Analytics & Processing

Cloud database management ties up all the loose ends. Every type of data can be made available with respect to farms to empower the farmers and people to perform a higher level of decision-making. Meteorological data, market data, farm data, GIS, and the data on water availability of the present and the past are analyzed before giving the results to the farmers to take care of seeding, water, and pesticide requirements. It is possible to come up with a system where alerts can be sent to the farmers in case of pest attacks on crops.

  • Accurate Crop Forecast
  • Precision Farming
  • Smart Farming Guide
  • Predictive maintenance for equipment
  • Predictive analytics of food production

Specialized Chatbots for Farming

Who would have thought that chatbots could help farmers? But it’s true. Chatbots can offer a range of quality information to the farmers along with solutions. 

Leveraging the Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies, a Chatbot platform can be developed. The farmers can use it to share peer-to-peer knowledge while connecting to other local farmers and potential buyers. Custom bots will also share precise information about real-time updates whenever asked.

  • Custom chatbot development
  • Predictive analytics using NLP/ML
  • Expert consultation
  • Chatbot deployment & integration
  • Multilingual Chatbots development
  • AI-based answering Bot for farmer queries

Why Choose IndiaNIC To Develop Smart Farming Solutions?

IndiaNIC is a top software development company since 1997 and catered to almost the complete range of industries (including cultivation and animal husbandry). We develop and deliver tailor-made, robust, scalable solutions with end-to-end consultation. 

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