Top AI & ML Applications for Various Industries

By Abhishek Amin May 27, 2021, 10:59:50 AM , In Automation
Top AI & ML Applications for Various Industries

Great customer experiences start with a great add-on experience provided to the customer’s requirement, and that’s why we want to make Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) easy to sell to every customer in every requirement coming within IndiaNIC. 

By doing so, AI & ML will boost up our service operations, AI & ML application development can play a key part in driving efficiency across various business operations across all the industries. Especially the sales and marketing departments, where right and efficient efforts can be made to enhance customer satisfaction based upon their requirements.

In this article, we will see how AI & ML applications can help various industries and which industries are set to trust this amazing technology in the near future.

How AI & ML Can Be Used in Diverse Industries?

Retail & eCommerce

Own a retail or eCommerce business and looking to outsmart your competitors? Being a leading AI development company, IndiaNIC boasts about AI solutions delivered to the ever-competitive retail or eCommerce industry. 

Hire AI engineers who can build custom AI solutions that help businesses to learn patterns related to consumer behavior. We implement product recommendation engines and integrate them with eCommerce applications. We also design and develop AI & IoT-based Magic Mirror for virtual try-on with the above-explained features.

  • Analyze customer behavior
  • Inventory optimization & management
  • Personalized product recommendation 
  • AI-based search module
  • Reduced customer churn
  • Demand/Sales forecasting 
  • Chatbots for customer support
  • AI & IoT powered Magic Mirror for virtual try-on


The AI-powered data mining helps in instant medical data analytics that instantly helps healthcare professionals to efficiently perform the diagnosis. Computer vision technology in radiology studies helps healthcare professionals identify tumors, disease progression, or regression.  

It can be precisely predicted when a patient can get sick. This helps caregivers to know in advance so that they can intervene earlier for the same in order to save money and potentially the patient’s life. Advanced Machine Learning technology makes it possible by analyzing databases of patient data or their information available such as electronic medical records, financial data, and respective patient claims.

  • AI-based automated & accurate diagnosis
  • Eliminate medical fraud with improved data security
  • The medical images recognition system
  • Simplified data management with NLP
  • Patient monitoring using IoT & wearables
  • Dosage error reduction
  • Personalized healthcare solutions
  • AI-powered pharmaceutical research

Banking and Finance

The national, international, private banks, and credit card companies normally evaluate the eligibility through an individual’s FICO score and credit history. But this can be surely an issue or a big-time problem for those users who have no credit history. It’s true. What about the users who don’t have a credit history due to unknown reasons but are actually eligible to pay off the loan or credit given by the banks? 

To bring this to a solution, a system which is can be developed toward any user or any new credit card applicant holder calculates creditworthiness by using a machine learning algorithm that can take into consideration many other points or factors like the user’s current financial health and habits.

AI & ML can also be used in custom Chatbot development to transform customer support and boost the overall banking experience without human intervention, leveraging the web apps and mobile apps

The recommendation engine also helps in creating insurance plans for individuals based on their data. Machine Learning and NLP also help financial institutions in faster processing to help customers with full data protection while benefiting insurance companies to save time and increase productivity.

  • Automated financial analytics
  • Predictive analysis for credit ratings
  • Fraud protection and detection
  • Simplified data and process management
  • Custom AI Chatbots for enhanced customer support
  • Customer-focused Services Implementation

Logistics & Transportation

AI & ML solutions can simplify and automate supply chain management to provide seamless solutions. We also provide IoT and AI-powered smart warehouse solutions. For delivery, we can leverage the data set and provide smart route management for faster deliveries. Hire AI engineers from IndiaNIC having experience in developing AI-based driver monitoring and fleet management solutions.

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence can also help in building cars that can drive themselves without having a human driver/interface. In order to get this done any system would require artificial intelligence to be taken under consideration. Along with AI, the system will also use Machine Learning to view/see their surroundings and nearby things and make sense of them and predict how others behave or react.

  • Smart fleet management
  • Fleet scheduling and routing solutions
  • AI-powered smart warehouse solutions
  • Automated supply chain management
  • Vehicle monitoring system with driving analytics
  • Predictive analysis for traffic management
  • Self-driving vehicles

Tours & Travel

Custom Chatbots for travel businesses can be developed using the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Chatbots are proven to have improved customer interactions and engagement through instant query resolving capabilities 24×7. 

Machine Learning and predictive analytics help in effective business growth by recognizing customer behavior patterns. Chatbots can easily handle end-to-end search queries once integrated on a travel website or a mobile app. They can be trained to provide the packages, offers, bookings, and even payments.

  • Customer segmentation and personalization
  • Dynamic pricing solutions
  • Emotional sentiments analysis
  • Predictive analytics for Demand forecasting
  • Smart virtual travel assistants


It is fair to say that the manufacturing industry has been a leader in adopting AI-powered solutions. Custom AI app development services will help businesses to plan everything, from the shop to the top, i.e. from workforce depending on the skills to the process identification and implementation by machine learning capabilities. 

AI helps businesses in carrying out better productivity and efficiency at lower operational costs. Especially, healthcare-based AI solutions can also be implemented for workforce safety, whereas, Machine Learning solutions can help in advanced fault detection and prevention. This technology can also help businesses to optimize quality control.

  • Workforce safety solutions
  • Advanced fault detection 
  • ML-based predictive maintenance
  • Simplified process implementation
  • Full factory automation and monitoring

Why IndiaNIC is Your Right AI & ML Application Development Partner?

Our AI & ML engineers have proven expertise in Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies with tools like TensorFlow, Apache SystemML, Caffe, Apache Mahout, OpenNN, Torch, Neuroph, Mycroft AI, etc. Team IndiaNIC is the earliest adopters of AI & ML application development services. The vision of the team is to deliver next-gen AI apps & solutions to a wide range of industry domains. 

We don’t believe in talking big things at first. Rather we believe in our actions with trust in our successful methodology in developing that great software product. As every software development is having a different approach based on the varying nature of the business requirements, we always start and finish in the following way:

  • Close collaboration with a discovery workshop
  • System analysis & conceptualization
  • Strategic planning
  • Roadmap design and timelines
  • Software development
  • Performance refinements
  • Implementation

The world’s businesses are going smart, is yours? Contact AI & ML experts at IndiaNIC now for end-to-end consultation at no additional cost.

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