Facts About Cloud Computing

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Facts About Cloud Computing

As numerous companies adapt cloud computing as their trusted platform for data storage and access, it is interesting to learn facts and figures of cloud computing. Here we come with the list of stats of cloud computing in general.

  • Enterprises are going green: More than 60% enterprises that adopt cloud computing, accept that it reduces energy consumption.
  • Increase in efficiency, decrease in cost: More than 52% companies have reported increase in data center efficiency and 47% companies have reported reduction in operating cost after cloud adoption.
  • More the servers, more the capacity: As per Intel, a new server is added to the cloud for every 600 smartphones or 120 tablets.
  • Major cloud implementation plan: More than 11% of the companies have already major cloud implementation and more than 26% companies plan to have a major cloud implementation.
  • Big budget for a bigger opportunity: Microsoft spent 90% of R&D budget on cloud computing in 2011. Expectation is that the cloud computing market will reach $241 billion by 2020.

Cloud computing is flourishing in India as well. As per the survey of Indian organizations, some interesting facts come out about Cloud Computing. Here are they…

  • 81% of organizations expect it to help them compete more efficiently
  • 80% of them believe that it helps their organization to reduce IT costs
  • 82% believe that it helps them optimize their current IT management
  • 56% of organizations are seeking to hire staff with cloud expertise
  • 62% of organizations have already increased their budget to give
  • India alone will create over 2 million jobs related to cloud computing
  • By 2015, India is expected to require over hundred thousand professionals in the cloud computing to their IT staff 

In brief, companies cannot ignore the importance of cloud for managing their big data effectively and efficiently.

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