Three Cheers for Kevin Giffhorn's eNotebook and One for IndiaNIC

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Three Cheers for Kevin Giffhorn's eNotebook and One for IndiaNIC

eNotebook LogoKevin Giffhorn must be in seventh heaven and why shouldn’t he be? After all, his eNotebook is the first app that enables the students to utilize the features of the tablet computers to its fullest. This maths teacher of Maryland high school teacher came with this idea roughly a year ago, and when he saw iPad making its way into education, he decided to move ahead and shape his ideas into real application. Struck by a brilliant idea of an app that would maximize study time of the students, Kevin approached IndiaNIC and gave a vast input of ideas for this outstanding app.

The company wasted no time in pondering because it anticipated that this app would grow large. It immediately set on work, and as usual the expert iPad developers of the company gave their best to the task. On 29th February, 2012, when the eNotebook made it’s way to the AppStore, IndiaNIC shouted three cheers for Kevin Giffhorn, but it also shouted one for itself as Kevin did not forget to mention “the neat work of the company”. No doubt that the company is rejoicing, but it takes more pleasure in announcing and celebrating the success of its clients, and Kevin has given one to it.

During an interview with the local newspaper of Pennsylvania, Kevin appraised and said,


It’s just really neat working with them and seeing something that I wrote down on paper and had in my head … become a workable, usable app,

Now let’s have a look at the amazing features of the app and how Kevin’s ideas has given ebackpacks to the students.

eNotebook – Take Notes and Make Notes

  • The eNotebook allows students to get their teachers’ presentations and make changes in them without changing the file formats. It doesn’t matter if the file is in doc, ppt or PDF format, eNotebook does not require file conversions.
  • A student can read a file, can take notes and then again return to the main file. All these tasks can be performed swiftly by eNotebook.
  • It has pen and highlighter features and with the help of these features, and they enable the students to change the color and width of the mark.
  • The Crop tool is another remarkable feature of this app. The students can add sections of notes from one file and add it to another page. This frees the rest of the page and gives space for additional notes.

This is definitely a central ebackpack of the students that eased their burden of carrying binders. eNotebook passed three months of beta-testing by the elementary, middle and high schools and college students, and only after proving it’s proficiency, it went live on AppStore. IndiaNIC is very happy for Kevin Giffhorn as he triggered the eNotebook into the world of education. IndiaNIC wishes that in near future it would have more Kevin Giffhorns who could also turn their brilliant ideas into successful apps.

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