B2B Software Solutions

By Rania Feb 5, 2021, 12:27:47 PM , In Enterprises
B2B Software Solutions

Adaption to the digital era is what every business is actually aiming for. Due to the huge technology evolution, we witnessed in the past decade new opportunities have risen for many businesses like brand manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers to sell, market, and connect with customers and prospects more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Running such businesses to success deeply relies on certain effective tools and technologies that automate and facilitate tasks, therefore, promote business growth: Business to business solutions (B2B) are no longer just a competitive advantage they are the core bones that hold entire businesses.

What B2B do?

Challenges faced in the absence of B2B solutions

Whether it is about manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing, distributing chain business it is run by classic activities from sales marketing accounting customer support ect..operating in a B2B environment present unique challenges that are typically avoided when dealing with casual consumers

B2B software  interferes  on the call of  challenges such as:

  • Serving customers in the best way possible
  • Simplifying the customer relationship management process
  • Customer data management
  • Optimizing business operations & Automate tasks
  • Continuous customer support and valorization of sales
  • Generate quotidien  inventory 
  • Data access anywhere anytime 
  • Shorten sales cycles 
  • Accelerate growth

B2B Software Solutions

Solutions offered for B2B businesses

Based on every business type and needs solutions such as ERP, CRM, order taking, merchandising software, B2B e-commerce platforms, SaaS solutions, and others are developed.

Here are some of the B2B software, services, and usage:

Fleet Management

Fleet management system is a Software that helps to manage,storing, and analyzing data instantly, with the possibility to access it and update it anytime anywhere. Generated insights give an overview of the fleet’s performance from GPS technology, updating location, direction, fuel usage speed, etc… in order to improve productivity and help the business run as smoothly as possible.

Online Container Booking

A cloud-based platform that allows clients to search, compare, book, and track their shipments anytime till its delivered to its destination.

Transportation Booking Apps

A Smart localization-based solution offering transportation booking services to commute smoothly through selecting departure &  arrival destination via mobile GPS, make an online payment and provide complete detail how far are your destinations, how much time it will take to reach, and who and where’s the driver

This solution can include options of carpooling to split the fare between multiple  users This app also lets you split your fare with another user

Learning Management

Effective E-Learning software solutions that enhance the learning process by helping users with document, track, report, and deliver educational courses and training programs.

Property Management software

A real estate CRM and effective marketing software that Easily manages, promotes, and ensures the sale of multiple properties on cloud via different useful features such as

  • Multiple Property Listing
  • Partners and customers listing
  • Demand listing
  • MAP View
  • Member Management
  • Research tool 
  • Edit/ Add Projects
  • Reporting tools
  • Reviews
  • In-Gallery & 360° Property Tour
  • International Payment Gateways 
  • etc…

Parental Marketplace Platforms

A powerful simple SaaS-based multi-vendor platform to sell products and services with integrated CMS to help admin and vendors to control the online stores and manage them easily.

In conclusion, B2B is simply When you take your business intelligence to the next level.

Why choose IndiaNIC?

With our 22 years of experience, and multiple collaborations with the world’s leading brands we came to determine real market needs up to date and build a solid team of technology leverages enabling us to deliver flawlessly tens of B2B solutions and software aligned with the best and latest possible features on the market and perfect combo and UI/UX. We customize and develop uniquely each and every solution according to the well-analyzed customer inquiries.

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