Online Container Booking System

An all-in-one solution to effectively manage your shipments 24/7. Our cloud-based container booking solution helps both shippers and carriers reduce costs and improve performance across the entire container shipping ecosystem.


Container Tracking Solutions for Logistics Industry

A robust web based container booking software to send or receive booking requests to over 50 carriers through simple, user friendly, streamlined process. Easy to use flow for customers & transporters wherein one can order his shipment to preferred transporter in few clicks.


Features That Benefit All

All important features to learn anywhere, anytime online

Track Container

Customers can track their containers by simply entering consignment or shipment number.

Volume Calculator

Check the expected quotation about the enquired shipment before sending it to the transporter.

Write Reviews

Business customers can write and edit reviews for the container received for better quality.

Category Management

Manage various categories of diverse containers like hard items, perishable items, etc.

Display Detailed Status

Customers can see the current shipment status and signature of parcel receiver person.

Rule Based Access

Leverage transporters to add his team with features like capturing queries & doing lead generation.


Fully functional and Scalable dashboard application geared to manage large scale transactions.

Coupon Management

In the admin panel you can add New Coupon, edit their information's through coupon management.

Super Admin

Manage your list of transporters as per their subscription plan and roll out various offers on-the-go.

Update Schedules

Display your daily & weekly schedules with routes and available capacity to book parcels for customers.

SMS Alerts Management

Send instant SMS alerts to customers on your schedule for delivery updates or goods delivered.

Place Quotes

Place quotes for various carriers /containers moving towards various regions or ports.

Capture Inquiries

Capture inquiries from your business customers and revert back those inquiries at ease via email.

Special Admin

Transporter can change front panels, banner image, homepage and create his own branding like site.

Shipment Management

Manage all of your shipments with status like Active, delivered, undelivered and cancel.

use case

Easy container booking system for customer’s shipment transit.

  • Transporters can manage solution like thier own website with homepage, about us, Reviews, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy and contact us etc.
  • Customer can view review / provide review of any transporter service.
  • Customer can track the container Just enter the consignment or shipment number and track the Container with current status.
  • Transporters can receive inquiries of shipment booking and can grow their revenues by taking online orders.
  • Transporters gets specific user login and can manage shipments effectively
  • Transporters can keep customer updated about their shipment and current status of container.
  • Admin can make this system available in web based model for transporters and for customers front end is free.

Our solution to manual

Unlimited user licenses

Integrated carrier schedule data

Track & trace effectively

Achieve Operational excellence

check status upfront

Reduced cost

Get reviews & ratings

Cloud ready

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction



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What our client says

Nick Jag

Nick Jag

"What's really unique about IndiaNIC is that they offer a great value for a quality product and the flexibility to work on changes till the client is satisfied and deliver the project in time. Because of the excellent value, reliability and service I received from them I would easily recommend them to someone else."

Kevin Giffhorn

Kevin Giffhorn

"They listened to my ideas, made recommendation and helped me make the app that I wanted to make, where as other companies would try to make drastic changes to suit their comfort. Their project managers are extremely quick in communicating back to me and they are extremely knowledgeable with getting apps approved through iTunes which is a key benefit. I continue to develop my app through IndiaNIC, I recommend you do the same."

James Currie

James Currie

"I had a wonderful time working with IndiaNIC on creation of our app. I liked their attention to the detail and communication skills. Whenever we had to troubleshoot on issues, they got back to me straightaway with suggestions and a clear path on how we are going to develop the app as one of the best in our field. They are very cost effective and their quality of service and timely delivery is absolutely super."

Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis

"We are very impressed by knowing what IndiaNIC has done and how fair they have been to me and my business idea. The people are very nice to work with, it has been a great experience overall. They have brought a lot of value not only to me but also to my business and their best part about is that they were able to come up with some of best idea suggestions that I have ever heard, which has made our customers feel very impressed."

Karrie Kvasager

Karrie Kvasager

"A special thank you for the last 2 years of handwork and superior quality of results given by IndiaNIC. It's been quite an experience working with them to develop 3 apps and 2 websites. I am very impressed everyday on how professional the team is and it has just been great."

Ehi Binitie

Ehi Binitie

"I have worked with IndiaNIC since 5 years on apps for iOS and Android platforms along with Web Applications. They have provided us a quality experience. Since then we have worked on various projects for my company and also for my clients. They provide very professional project management, sales support and development resources. I am pleasantly surprised the way they have solved offshore problem for me. "

Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen

"IndiaNIC made it very easy right from conceptualization phase to the final app. They are very easy to communicate with and they certainly deliver the product on time and on budget as promised. I will be working with them again for the upgradation on my app pretty shortly and I would be glad to recommend them to everyone."

Ghedalia Gold Pastor

Ghedalia Gold Pastor

"We have been working together with IndiaNIC for over 2 years, communicating from US to India and it has been an amazingly easy journey. We have had some great accomplishments along the way. They have been there for us throughout with an incredible experience of this industry. It's been a wonderful experience. I'm surprised how innovative the team is."

Greg Faust

Greg Faust

"IndiaNIC has assisted us in making videos. I have been very pleased with the results, they have been very responsive in getting information, addressing production issues and even revising videos when necessary. They've been enthusiastic and keen in producing quality product. They're always willing to step up and go out on a limb to try new things."

John Cleaves

John Cleaves

"I worked with IndiaNIC to get my app coded and they have been fantastic to work with. Every step of the way they have been in contact with me sending screenshots and data versions. We finished the project on time and on budget. I would work with them again and I think you should too."

Dennis Wilson

Dennis Wilson

"I was nervous with my first game app but IndiaNIC has made it very easy for me. They have a well defined project management system. They have brought my idea to life, with their inputs not just on the game, but with their knowledge and experience of making better user experience or fit the app with App Store or Play Store guidelines and processes. I highly recommend them to anyone."

Carmelo Milian

Carmelo Milian

"After all the research IndiaNIC has proven to be the right choice for our project. They have been very valuable and by the time we finished, IndiaNIC was no longer an offshore resource but a resource in house. If you need a developer, hands down they are the right choice."

Alvin Harrison

Alvin Harrison

"I have worked with IndiaNIC for my mobile app and later on the cloud based version of it. It was very important for both versions of the app worked with our database and also that they looked and felt the same so users can move seamlessly from one version to another. I made the right choice to choose IndiaNIC. Everything worked as I had hoped, in fact even better."

Ron Shai & Slava

Ron Shai & Slava

"What a team! Unbelievable. Starting from task to completion, we couldn't have asked for a better team. Their response time was great, we have formed tremendous relationships with IndiaNIC, it was a great experience. We would recommend them over and over again."

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