B2C Health and Fitness App development

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B2C  Health and Fitness App development

The fitness app concept emerged with the boom of mobile apps giving the chance for busy people the ability to workout wherever they are and with flexible times also enhanced the possibility for individuals coaches to run a business without the ownership of a gym and further became a marketing strategy for many gyms for their clients to keep track of their training schedule even while traveling. The biggest boom came with the introduction of smart fitness watches that took the fitness experience a whole other level

With the covid-19 pandemic and the shutdown of gyms,  fitness apps development became a high trend and have a huge demand with gyms looking to survive the economic downfall and gain competitive advantage. While the domain is highly competitive,  the niche of fitness applications remains with high potential and  prospective future.

Looking to develop a fitness app for your individual coaching or to market your gym services higher?

This blog comes in answer to all your questions!

Brief insights about the industry:

According to statistica

  • The net worth of the global fitness app market is 14.7 billion $ 
  • The industry is estimated to blow by an astonishing 23% by 2027.   
  • The average daily revenue per app for this category is around $1,500 without counting in-app purchases.

How we Develop a fitness app

At IndiaNIC we conduct a discovery workshop for every project to get all the needed information about our client personalized digital solution before we launch the project into development. Fitness apps are no exception we develop them uniquely and according to all our clients’ needs. Get to know our services on the matter.

We develop all kinds of fitness apps

All down to our clients’ requirements to develop an:

  • Activity tracking app
  • Diet and nutrition app
  • Workout and exercise app
  • GPS based app to locate gyms and working parks
  • An app that can do them all!

We develop fitness apps with all kinds of monetization models

There are many ways to generate revenue through a mobile app. Fitness apps monetization models generally are based on paid apps, in-app purchases, freemium, ads, or sponsored content.

Read more about: app monetization model

We offer a variety of Features with the best usability

We offer a wide range of features for all kind of fitness app from basic features like logging in and subscription that are available in every app to exclusive  ones like  :

  • Submit Posts With Text, Photo, Video: Enabling The User to post texts, photos on his app showing his workouts, and help the owner grow a community.
  • Like/Dislike posts on Wall: User can like/unlike posts in their newsfeed of other members of the fitness community they are following.
  • Create A Group & Events: Users can contribute to the fitness community by creating groups, events, and inviting friends to events
  • Receive Push Notifications On-The-Go: Users receive notifications related to new content, workout times, likes dislikes on his profile, etc…
  • Communication features: The app can contain a communication box to keep in touch with the coach and members of the fitness community
  • Follow/Unfollow: Enabling user to follow/unfollow certain aspects of his feed it can be to unfollow certain diets pages etc
  • Rating and feedback system: Users can rate the effectiveness of certain exercise or diets
  • Manage Profile: User can personalize  their own profile, add photos, achievements etc
  • Manage Their Games State: Keep a track of scores and inscription deadlines in-game or competitions
  • View All Ratings/ Reviews: The user can view and reply and negotiate certain feedbacks provided by other users
  • Manage Advertisement: The user can manage his advertisement preferences and placement so companies can manage their own endorsements and ads
  • Measure and evaluate  improvements: The app rates the users’ improvements according to the  hours of use/ estimated burned calories/km run per day…etc
  • Suggest programs according to user needs: The app gives suggestions for the most useful program for the user

The fitness and wellness industry is probably the biggest beneficiary of the digital revolution. A major contributing factor to this revolution is the popularization of fitness hardware and mobile apps.

Why IndiaNIC?

we offer great value for a quality fitness app and the flexibility to work on changes until the client is satisfied to deliver the project flawlessly in the best delays. Our clients’ testimonials tell about our reliability and quality services.

know more here about our B2C Software Solution.

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