Roadmap for Businesses to achieve Digital Transformation post-pandemic

By Rania Apr 9, 2021, 7:03:31 PM , In Advice
Roadmap for Businesses to achieve Digital Transformation post-pandemic

It is 2021 and still the Covid 19 nightmare on the global economy reigning and doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. We no longer need to discuss the importance of digital transformation for businesses to overcome this crisis yet the huge shift towards digitizing processes and operations is still pending for many businesses facing different challenges to communicate, collaborate and deliver work remotely. Many business owners are even confused about where to start! 

This blog is a simplified and tested road map to drive your digital transformation and elevate your business post-pandemic phase.

Here are the initial steps to take:

Conduct general business analysis

Everything starts with an overall analysis of your business, system, vision, and goals in order to identify and measure your business need for concrete change. 

Digital transformation aims to answer a simple question: How do you deliver value to customers in a more efficient way? Proper business analysis of available opportunities, threats, weaknesses, and strengths of your business will define the suitable solutions that will maximize the value delivered by an organization by identifying requirements for programs and projects or supporting continuous improvement in its technology and processes.

Mine customer data for future analytics 

Transforming digitally highly depends on the available data you own about your customer. Implemented technologies like AIML and ioT use data to generate useful insights. For example, en commerce business useful insights such as which products are your client’s favorites? How frequently do they shop? Where did the customer come from? etc helps you keep proactive decisions based on what you should focus your efforts, services and budget upon in order to meet your customer expectations.

Gradually Automate your work process and train your workforce accordingly 

Digitizing business operations that rely on human-to-human interactions isn’t that easy. Upgrading your workforce and slowly introducing  them to  a new environment where technologies are their colleagues is essential to make to smoothen the transaction 

The pandemic deprived most businesses of the luxury of a shared office space where the cluster heads have full control over their employees, working from home can cause some laziness and slower operations so the existence of a once-inefficient process might simply drive huge losses. Training employees for change helps them accept and adapt to technologies easier and faster and so you can build an automated process integrated within your customer service and get rid of many human to human interactions 

Financially Prioritize your digital  transformation 

Post Pandemic caused many companies to struggle with different defenses including various debts. Digital transformation brings the highest value to the business and value does not come for free it comes at a cost that gets higher the higher are your needs! It is important to get financially ready before initiating the process, prioritising dispensing on technologies will help you stay on track with your goals. The more you lose this sense of priority the later you adapt. more than that is about your survival! Simply having a solution that functioned adequately allowed businesses to keep running while obeying local ordinances that kept people home

According to many businesses, the late adoption of technologies proper pandemic is a result of the lack of prioritization. It is only When Covid-19 forced organizations to make these changes a top priority, they were able to do so at lightning speed.

Pay more attention to employees experience

The continuous lockdown forced companies to think carefully about their employees’ work experience as working from home directly impacts their satisfaction with their work environment. 

There are high risks in employee turnover and rising costs of hiring new ones  Instead, paying attention to the importance of creating a positive digital experience for employees 

Build contactless services

Your current business operation might not adapt easily to the contactless world! Updating services and modifying some business aspects helps you not only adapt to the new techs but also build coherence within your business.

Automation holds tremendous potential for brands, helping to manage everything from inventory to email subscription lists that led to a positive impact on the customer experience.

Consider investing in cybersecurity

Just like normal businesses can be exposed to theft risks, digital businesses can be exposed to hacking risks! Cybersecurity becomes an important part of the digital transformation as keeping all the generated data gathered through tech means secure is a top property  in order to provide key services for customers and students without losing the data of critical projects

During the pandemic, cybersecurity helped  empower the remote workforce to protect employees from scams and cyber attacks

You need help with your digital transformation post-pandemic

Our multi-field experts will analyze your business needs and work accordingly to provide you the best digital solutions that are conceptualized, designed, developed, and tightly tested to meet your requirements and bring the highest value to your business. From custom chatbots, advanced predictive analysis, to visual recognition and complex software, tie the knot with IndiaNIC offshore software development company and drive your digital transformation!

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