What is a technology stack? How does it work?

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What is a technology stack? How does it work?

If you have ever considered building a web or mobile application you might have surely heard of the word “tech stack” somewhere! 

Why does it matter? Well, you need to be decently aware of the basic tools developers use to build your project as it directly impacts many aspects of your business strategy from the duration of development, future scaling plans to the cost of creating that application and maintaining it!

If you still don’t know what a tech stack is this blogs is an overview of the modern meaning of a technology stack, its components, and categories for your mobile or web application.

What is a technology stack?

Generally speaking, a technology stack or solution stack is basically a set of tools dedicated to web and mobile app development  

In more detail, it is an infrastructure and an ecosystem of tools, frameworks, programming languages, technologies, components (including front-end, back-end, and database), and services used for application development.

What are the components of a tech stack?

A technology stack has two  main related components: 

components of stack


The front-end of an app is the visible side of the app where all the user interactions happen. 


The back-end component is the invisible part of the app power engine of the front-end that hosts user actions.

The two components interact via the internet and are related through a middleware layer that consists of content management systems, web servers, and other similar tools that support web application development.

Techstack used for web application development

The choice of a tech stack highly depends on the level of dynamic content you are willing to display

For Back-end 

  •  Programming languages (Python, PHP, JavaScript)
  • Frameworks (Ruby on Rails, Flask, Django, Swift, or Objective-C)
  • Databases (MongoDB and MySQL)
  • Server providers (Apache, Nginx, etc.)

For Front end 

The choice of the front end depends upon the user experience you are willing to deliver 

Front end development is based on the following technologies:

  • HTML  to describe the structure of the present content on the webpage
  • CSS to represent the content written in HTML language 
  • JavaScript (mainly Angular and React) to add interactivity and dynamism to the webpages 

Techstack used for mobile app development 

The choice of the tech stack you are adopting for a mobile application depends on the type of app you are building  iOS, Android, Cross-platform app

For iOS apps 

Objective-C, Swift, Xcode, AppCode

For Android apps

Java, Kotlin, Android Studio

For Hybrid apps 

React Native

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