What to Consider Before a Full-Fledged Mobile App Market Launch?

By Abhishek Amin Apr 20, 2021, 12:06:07 PM , In Advice
What to Consider Before a Full-Fledged Mobile App Market Launch?

Mobile application development is a phrase that has seen the most rapid growth over the last decade and is still growing at a staggering rate. It will be true if I say so that mobile applications cast a spell upon our lives and the businesses we are into.

However, let us stick to the business perspective and I’d say that it is also a damning reality that not all mobile app projects are successful. Yes, any software development project is tricky when it comes to developing and delivering custom apps. The clients who want to develop a mobile application really pull their socks up before contacting a top mobile app development company too. 

In this article, we will see what groundwork and things any client needs to consider before they launch a full-fledged mobile app into the market.

Identify Purpose and Set your Goals 

All comes down to the right plan and execution of it to get the desired results, So strategic planning is apparently the  first thing to do to give your ideas a reality. The clients need to identify the targets and what they are trying to achieve through a mobile app. For example, is it merely a digital solution you want to build and provide to your users to make life easier? Or is the app all about generating a new revenue stream to make money out of it? It is the inevitable and the first thing to gain initial knowledge about where to start from.

Comprehensive Market Research

Think about the steps you need to follow while initiating market research. The first step is to look dig into the market and see whether is there any app available that is similar to your idea. The point is not to copy them blindly, but to figure out the points of improvisation and make your app much better than the existing one. Identify the areas where they lack behind, what is the success measures of those apps you referred to, and whether that serves your business objectives and goals or not. This is a really good idea to get that competitive edge as you would now know what you are going to develop and why.

Market research helps in developing a better app than those in the market that lacks something in getting delivered to the users. You can give it through your app what your competitors fail to deliver. Such details are as important as the latest innovation or any technology used to build a mobile application. 

It is also important to broaden your research while studying any reference mobile app, just not restrict it by any means. From the mobile app UI to the payments, try and fetch the positives and the opportunities to enhance the navigation in order to improve the user experience. A quality mobile app can merely turn into a failure if UX is not considered.


In order to provide a solution, you have to identify the problems first. And who else is better than the end-users? Identify your target audience and take surveys. One may ask why would I do that? Well, the success of your mobile depends on the end-users only and how they feel or need your app. 

Customers will only help you get that data that how much they appreciate the solution you are planning to deliver through your app. Take real-time surveys or virtual surveys, carry out the results, and analyze them. It will help your app to avoid the flaws which can affect the user experience.

Filter Your Target Audience

Data gathered from your market research, surveys, focus group sessions, etc., will help you run the target market analysis. You would have gathered data about user preferences, spending habits, market size, behavior patterns, and so on. The exercise will now begin to streamline on the fact that the approximate market size that requires your app. Such are the people who are your potential customers who will actually download your mobile app and use it.

In terms of development, this data will help you to make much needed iteration in your planning to build a custom mobile app, for your target audience. Your primary focus shall remain on the features they desire the most. Make them feel as the app is built based on their feedback and deliver that feeling that they are who you care about.

Strategic Model of Monetization

You have to think about the business too, right? And that is why a long-term, sustainable revenue model is at the core of any plan before the launch. This directly impacts on one thing, the choice of technology platform you want to leverage. Let us not discuss in detail, but iOS apps tend to bring more revenue, whereas Android apps deliver a large userbase.

Based upon the budget, you have to decide whether you want to build a native app (Android and/or iOS) or a cross-platform app.

If you decide your mobile app to be a paid app, iOS is your preferred option as a larger volume of Apple users tend to purchase and use paid apps. Generate revenue from it and invest it later to come up with an Android version to target maximum users to reap rewards.

Gain Feedback with Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Considering you are a startup or a small to medium level business having a restricted budget initially and wish to measure the success over a periodic time, then opting for an MVP is a wise choice. MVP development with limited and important features can be faster and affordable. But the main thing is that it can get your exact reviews and feedback from the actual app users in lesser time. Native app development will take more time to launch the app and is expensive compared to MVP development.

Analyze the feedback, make iterations, add upgraded features, and launch your full-fledged mobile app whenever you have the budget on your hands. Validation of your app idea can be determined with a Proof of Concept (PoC) or an MVP.

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