10 Reasons Why Apple Pay Is The Milestone For B2C Businesses

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10 Reasons Why Apple Pay Is The Milestone For B2C Businesses

Apple’s ‘my family’ approach (all the features can be used on all the Apple devices) plays a key role in enticing customers. Apple sticks to its ideology when it launched a fabulous mobile payment service- Apple Pay. Perhaps, this is the reason Apple Pay is a milestone for B2C businesses. Let’s discuss it in detail.

1.Forget wallet if you’ve an Apple product

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Forget cards as well.Do you have an iPhone? No? Okay, you’ve an Apple watch. Not an issue. Just go for shopping or having meals in any big store in the US, and your iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or even an Apple Watch can give what you want! You as a customer need not stand in a queue, swipe a card, and follow some boring procedure in order to pay for your shopping or meals.

2.Sorry hackers, you can’t hack it


Apple has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that hackers don’t succeed, and Apple Pay seems very secure and “cool”. With Touch ID, the secure element chip and a dynamic security code, it is a herculean task for hackers to breach in Apple Pay. Thanks to Apple Pay, consumers can do shopping in a risk-free manner and merchants get their satisfaction!

3.Hidden Transaction Details


A merchant will never get consumers’ names or credit card numbers. After all, we are interested in shopping or having delicious meals, not in giving our personal details! In addition, the item’s name and place of purchase also remain secret.

4.Quick Payment Method


Just hold an iPhone near the contactless reader. A finger registered with Touch ID needs to keep on the home button for a little time, and its’ done! A payment is authenticated, and the transaction is completed. (It’s done so quickly that you may not get the chance to re-think about your purchase!)

5.All cards in one device


Customers can include credit cards from all the reputed companies like American Express, Visa, and Master Card in Apple Pay. Your iPhone acts as an alternative to credit cards, debit cards, and, of course, wallet!

6.Hidden purchasing details


Actual card numbers are not stored on the device; instead, the device stores a unique device account number. It is walled off with iOS and has no storage on iCloud. Apple Pay does not store information regarding purchase or purchaser on a server as well. This provides you the easiest payment option while remaining anonymous. After all, when you pay cash also, no merchant asks about your personal details!

7.’Token’ – Customer centric approach


When it comes to security, no one can beat Apple! An innovative token system from Apple is useful and secure method. Banks and financial institutions prefer token system in order to maintain privacy. And in this sense, we do appreciate something like that for each transaction we do. Tokenization indicates safe and real customer-centric approach. Apple just provides it.

8.It charges less than PayPal


Good news for people who are in search for a reasonable online payment option. Apple charges less than PayPal for using Apple Pay. Said that, though, most of the iPhone owners are affluent enough, Apple has done something for budget-conscious people! Just focus on shopping and not on calculating charges of Apple.

9.One tap method for checkout


With easy and one-tap checkout process, consumers find Apple Pay very interesting and appealing; and, why shouldn’t they? It saves a lot of time of filling lengthy account forms or repetitive typing of shipping and billing information. Real B2C model, isn’t it?

10.Apple pay does more than you think


As Apple Pay will develop and break the geographical boundaries in upcoming years, it’ll change the face of payments industry for decades to come. When it goes worldwide, it’ll serve you with the features you might never have thought of!

In a concluding remark, we can say that Apple Pay takes care of every aspect that makes B2C business model more successful in every retail, lifestyle, food, or fashion business.

Wearable devices are the future of smart devices. Just like an Apple Pay, many other apps for wearables are coming to make our lives more comfortable.

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