Hiring an offshore development team in 2021? How does it work?

By Rania May 13, 2021, 2:00:59 PM , In Offshore Development
Hiring an offshore development team in 2021? How does it work?

We commonly hear business owners mention that they are looking for an offshore development team for their upcoming project. The first question that pops up is why not just hiring a local one?!

 Many companies today move their software development activities offshore to achieve various benefits and guarantee many advantages however unlike traditional teams, collaborating with an offshore team comes with its own tricks and management challenges 

This blog is a complete guide to hiring offshores development firms and build powerful digital solutions 

Why hiring an offshore development team in the first place? 

Why do companies favor outsourcing so much? There are numerous expected benefits from hiring an offshore development firm here are the main reasons why

  • Highly Cost-efficient
  • Saves time
  • Optimizes project process 
  • Gives access to discover a wider range of talents
  • Flexibility and agility 

How to tie the knot with the right offshore development team?

There are several countries known for offshore work mainly in eastern Europe and Asian countries like India and the Philippines with more than 30% of market investments and 4 million developers with 2.75 in India only. 

Finding the right offshore company depends on your goals, budget, and company reputation 

Here are the best practices to succeed in your choice:

Deeply look up the company’s portfolio 

You can explore their proven records on their website and other funnels like Dribble, you can also check their case studies on social media and Linkedln and even previous client feedbacks 

How their workflow suits you 

Every company has its own workflow, regulations, and process. It’s imperative to find a company with a development cycle that suits your availability and preferences.

Reject the cheapest quotes

Your focus should be on cost-efficient rates instead of cheap quotes. Quality doesn’t come at cheap prices

Chose a suitable engagement model 

You need to know exactly what you will be paying for with no last-minute surprises it is important to choose a company that quotes projects fairly. 

Read more about how to choose the right development partner 

How to effectively succeed in your collaboration with an offshore development team? 

The effectiveness of the work of an offshore team depends largely on implementing the right offshore team management practices. Here are the best practices to ensure smooth efficient work 

Adopt an agile work method 

An agile methodology is a particular approach to project management that emphasizes collaboration, flexibility, continuous improvement, and high-quality results with a clear framework that promotes iterative development with a focus on quality and efficiency.

Pre Define the product vision 

 it is necessary to determine every task and its related deadline in order to build a comprehensive work strategy or the Scope of Work (SOW) and bring all parties to the same table.

Set a clear  roadmap

Dividing the scope into clear milestones for the project development roadmap helps avoid any misunderstandings or incoherence within the work by planning a list of tasks with descriptions with time estimates.

Ask for regular demos

A demo is a demonstration of the realized result at the end of a certain step the main purpose of the demo is to exchange feedbacks and show what the team managed to achieve during the sprint and understand whether the team performance meets the expected requirements.

Improve communication and build trust within the team 

Remote work with different time zones requires deep and continuous communication One of the fundamental pillars of the agile development team is the importance of communication between the people and teams involved in software development.  This could be achieved through daily standups, transparency in information, eliminating all language barriers, opting for video calls instead of telecalls, and using a common project  track tool provided by the company

Create guidelines for effective work

Offshore development teams should have a common understanding and mutually agree on the adapted work practices 

Looking to Hire an offshore software development firm?

Our multi-field experts will analyze your business needs and work accordingly to provide you the best digital solutions that are conceptualized, designed, developed, and tightly tested to meet your requirements and bring the highest value to your business. From custom chatbots, advanced predictive analysis, to visual recognition and complex software, tie the knot with IndiaNIC offshore software development company and drive your digital transformation!

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