The Best Food for Programmers

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The Best Food for Programmers

Web and mobile app programmers are those professionals that are involved in the field of engineering wherein they develop, design, and test various programs, which is used to make apps and software run on respective devices. Being a programmer isn’t the healthiest of professions. It includes spending most of the time in front of a desktop, with impending deadlines just over the cubicle. This takes a toll on the mind and body.

Food and Diet for Computer Programmers

Food and Diet for Computer Programmers

The job of a programmer also requires good memory power and the application of the mind. In this line, you are what you eat, quite literally. Hence, individuals engaged in this profession should follow a specialized diet that is designed especially for programmers. Yoga and daily exercises are other ways to keep them fit and healthy. Water is also necessary as it constitutes nearly 60% of the brain of an individual.

Programmers live a very sedentary lifestyle, and thus the main problem isn’t usually overeating. The fact that you are not moving, exercising, or eating as well as others, further contributes towards having a strict diet plan. For those who are active, having a larger intake of food can be possible without gaining weight. But that’s not the case for most programmers. Here are some food options programmers are bound to relish.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

Food that is rich in omega 3 includes oily fish, such as trout, salmon, sardines, and mackerel, flax seeds (For vegetarians), walnuts and other such food items are great for improving concentration. They also help improve cognitive functioning, which means it can help the programmer’s ability to process and think. Such items are generally anti-inflammatory, and keep cells functioning optimally which helps improve the functioning of the brain.

Vitamin D Food Items:

Programmers are sedentary desk workers that don’t move around that often. Hence, a Vitamin D deficiency is on the cards for those in this profession. Food items like egg yolk, certain mushrooms, cheese, Soy products and other such items have a high concentration of Vitamin. These products may even help with the flow of blood to the brain, and supplies the brain cells with more oxygen. Since these products are also anti-inflammatory, they help the brain function optimally.

Fruits and Vegetables:

For most of the day, a programmer will have to sit in front of a screen to complete his tasks. Because of this, they are prone to straining their eyes. Carrots, beetroots, leafy vegetables, almonds, and other citrus fruits come as an aid to those programmers whose eyes are under constant strain. Ideally, the diet of a programmer must include fruits and vegetables, as food items that are very spicy, oily, or even fried, tend to result in weight gain, which in turn could lead to various other medical conditions.

Caffeine Products:

Programmers must be used to spending long hours and late nights at work. Hence, moderate amounts of caffeine are good for prolonged concentration. Besides this, green tea and dark chocolate also improve brain function and decrease cell death. Caffeine is a good to have when you need an instant boost, but an excessive intake will have the opposite effect at the same time.

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