Why UX in Website Development is Important?

By Abhishek Amin Jun 30, 2021, 6:45:55 PM , In UI / UX
Why UX in Website Development is Important?

Hello friends. A lot of times we have been told that having online visibility for every business is imperative in 2021. I do not have any doubts about this reality. But I do have a question about one thing in particular, which is having an online presence in the form of a custom website guarantees business success. Yes, I do. Why? Well, ask yourself. Does having a website automatically guarantee you success?

The website development process looks simple but the success of any website is a result of complex processes, brainstorming, collaboration, and endless communication between the project stakeholders, the website designers as well as the development team. The number one priority for any business looking to develop a website would be to meet the demands of customers in the best way possible. For this, website designers would have to understand the business objectives and customer needs to provide the best user experience in terms of both, UI & UX.

Significance of User Experience

We are living in times where every website owner is putting a great emphasis on the user experience. User Experience is undoubtedly one of the largest and the most important aspects that determines the success of any custom-built website or a mobile application

Any website you take into consideration having a poor design or navigation, that offers a below-average user experience, you will instantly feel that the website is underperforming and this affects the business and brand image too.

What is User Experience (UX)?

All the aspects of customer experience, including what they see, hear, overall thinking, and feelings about their website or mobile app journey while using it, are encompassed in the User Experience (UX). There are several factors but some of them are usability, usefulness, credibility, desirability, accessibility, and value.

Talking about the custom website design, the UX best practices focus on two things in common:

  • Making the website easy to use (User friendly)
  • Making it simple yet appealing with consistency (in fonts, shapes, colours, layouts, etc.)

Reasons Why UX is Important in Website Development

Optimized User Experience Boosts Web Traffic

Statistics show that after the improvement of UX websites they experience a 67% increase in visitors. Wireframes/Prototypes designs before the development phase have proven to be helpful. It gives the customer precise information about what is going to be made, how the product is going to work.

Optimized UX is the ultimate solution that can significantly increase website traffic. It creates an instant impression over the new website visitors and appeals to them to revisit.

UI/UX designers can push the website users to look around by thoughtful design implementation and navigation that pleases the eyes and overall website experience. When the users navigate multiple web pages, they get more things to know about the business as well as the website or web app. They will definitely share the usability and experience with the people within their network. 

Strengthen Grip With User-Friendly User Interface (UI)

Consider yourself browsing a website looking for some product or service. What if you couldn’t find what you are looking for after 1-2 minutes? You will immediately leave the website and look for another one, right? Well, you are not alone. Everyone does that and hence bounce rate increases. This is why an optimized user interface (UI) is important too. 

Another important aspect is the responsiveness of the website UI, as the world has literally gone to gadgets like smartphones, tablets, etc. A website is now meant to be accessed through any digital gadget and at all times. This requires website UI to be completely responsive and compatible with all the devices of all the platforms. Responsive website development is the primary requirement.

Better UX Makes Website SEO Friendly

Every website owner craves for their web pages to appear in the top index (top 10 results) on the Google search engine. The days are far gone now when keywords stuffing was being done to boost the SERPs. The recent Google algorithms like RankBrain, Hummingbird, Fred, Panda, etc. have given a huge emphasis on usability, accessibility, navigation, and other aspects of UI/UX designing along with content uniqueness and relatability. 

There is now a clear partnership between the SEO and UI/UX design that works directly to make the website more SEO friendly and boosts chances to enhance the SERP. Good UX results fulfill different aspects like site speed, structure, easy navigation, and boost website ratings. This will help businesses to get more traffic, more traffic means more leads, and more leads means more revenue generation.

Increases Customer Engagement

The best user experience is in that place where a user intensively knows where to navigate in the website to fulfill his or her needs. The website visitors who reach here can easily find out their ways to their destinations. A good UX design can shape the website in such a way that it becomes irresistible for a visitor to explore the website further.

It is advised to deliver direct and relevant information about the products or services to search queries. Never aim to hit keywords always if you have no relevant content that speaks to these keywords on your website. 

Optimize Website Usability via Comprehensive Testing

Give immediate acknowledgment to the visitors that they are at the right place by putting relevant and precise information. Providing options while the user is performing any action helps in their decision making which helps them about what action they should take.

Architecture designing and implementation are crucial too. Information architecture works in regards to how a human brain perceives and utilizes information to efficiently organize data and content. And this can only be done perfectly by a UX designer.

Get That Competitive Edge

A lot of websites and businesses fail due to incomplete information, inconsistencies in the design, and poor navigation. This results in a poor website or a landing page. It is important to make sure that the website is appealing and easy to use at all times. 

One great example is the website application of Airbnb, an online marketplace website platform for lodging, primarily homestays for vacation rentals, and tourism activities. Focusing completely on customer satisfaction by their online services has been their success mantra. 

Hiring the right UX designers will help you save costs in a long run. No one would want to change the themes and designs after the development is finished and the website is about to go live.

Why Choose IndiaNIC to Hire UI/UX Designers?

IndiaNIC is a top web design and development company that has been delivering quality products globally since 1997. Our UI/UX designers have years of experience in creating appealing and user-friendly web interfaces with unparalleled skills in objective design to deliver an amazing digital experience to businesses and their target audience.

IndiaNIC offers complete transparency, standard policies, client-centric work methodologies, and unparalleled customer service. The teams are communicative, collaborative, and carry decades of combined experience to understand various business needs and suggest the best practices and solutions. This delivers our clients a competitive advantage.

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