What Is QA Testing? Why it is important in Software Development

By Rania Feb 5, 2021, 11:56:38 AM , In Web Development
What Is QA Testing? Why it is important in Software Development

There is absolute agreement that the quality of services & products is what brings any organization to success! Quality management has been part of many industries over history but was brought into software development cycles relatively late. Nowadays it is a survival component for every business! When it comes to software development companies, Quality Assurance is a part of software quality management held by a QA team that ensures the procession and delivery of flawless products that align with the business goals and regulatory standards.

Although The term QA is often related to its fellow quality control, software testing, and automated testing, they are very different with different roles and scopes. It often drives confusion of what is quality assurance?  What roles does it play? and how it fits in today’s fast-paced development process?

Simplifying concepts

What Is Quality Assurance Testing?

Quality assurance testing(QA or QAT) is a continuous process of proactively identifying defects, bugs, and errors in developed applications, websites, or any software in order to take relevant measures and ensure the improvement of the development & maintenance processes,  the consistency of products & brand reputation, the alignment with the initial requirements, application of regulatory standards and eventually the delivery of flawless software.

What is the difference between QA and other phases of software quality management?

  • Quality control or QC is a process that ensures the quality of the developed product yet is different from QA, as QA operates during the entire development lifecycle while QC interferes in the end and focuses on the final outcome only.
  • Software  Testing : Testing refers to the actual final activities taken to test a product to meet QC standards and make sure it reacts according to the development inquiries. Unlike QA that takes a general approach of improving the product throughout the development lifecycle, ST only explicitly identifies defects in functionality and security before the product goes live.

Why is QA so important in  Software development?

It is unfortunate that sometimes customer-centricity can get often lost through battles to keep up with market demands and delays. But  QA is to address different issues, even usability issues that might not be technical in nature. QA testing for software is centered on delivering the best possible outcome. It is not only about technical defects, it also involves any problem that impacts the end-user experience and can negatively affect customer satisfaction Concept and design cannot justify any structural flaws which would have been avoided easily. Here are The reasons why quality assurance is crucial to the success of software development:

  • QA is cost-effective:  A faulty digital solution can cause huge financial losses to both the development and the customer’s company. Prevent those defects help save costs of repeating and reviewing the development process
  • Boosts reputation and trust in the product:  A default digital solution can not only cause financial losses but also your reputation. QA testing builds trust in both the company and the products which leads to boosting reputation and long-term partnership.
  • Elevates user experience: software development should be customer and user-centric. The user experience is a major decisive factor in the success or failure of an IT product. QA ensures to provide the best user experience possible.
  • Increase profits: A satisfied customer means a better reputation that leads to higher profits
  • Avoid the waste of time: The proactivity of QA enables the company to operate smoothly and more productively without wasting time on unpredictable bugs.

How QA and software testing work together?

To ensure a product is free of defaults, digital products go through different rounds of testing with different purposes and scenarios to prevent hacking attempts or bugs end-users’ dissatisfaction.

Software testing and quality assurance testing go hand in hand in ensuring product quality but they act differently

QA’s process is ensured by a QA team and consists of making estimations and developing a plan with the necessary documentation for finishing a products

Agile QA testing is less about performing the tests and more about providing the understanding of how to perform the right tests to meet expectations,  establish quality standards and implement the checks and balances needed to ensure the end-product standards

Meanwhile, software testing is performed as a sequential step to code development, software quality assurance spans the entire software development life cycle, right from the planning stage till the very end.

Our quality assurance services at IndiaNIC

At IndiaNIC we prioritize quality over any other aspect we quote prevention over regretting. Our QA Testing services are integrated into our software development lifecycle. We work on delivering successful solutions throughout relying on our QA experts and our rigorous software testing practices to ensure functionality, security, performance, scalability, compatibility, etc. here’s a glimpse at our QA services

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