Why Mobile-friendly Website Development is Important?

By Abhishek Amin May 19, 2021, 7:56:34 AM , In Web Development
Why Mobile-friendly Website Development is Important?

These days, humans are no more stuck in their clunky PCs. The emergence of 4G and faster speeds have made it easier for us to utilize mobile apps and the internet to search for what we are looking for and also connect with others. The fact also applies to the existing businesses too. As the connecting world is emerging, the simplest way is to determine your success by assuring that your website is optimized in look and feel across all mobile devices.

If you’re already working together with your website that’s already developed but not optimized for your mobile end-users; you’re missing out on customers and sales by not developing an internet site that is occupation tandem with the remainder of the worldwide businessmen.

This article will provide you better insights to design and develop your website that will look remarkable on various mobile devices. And to achieve success in 2021, this could be your core focus of any business!

The Emergence of Mobile Usability

Approximately 1.3 Billion people accessing the internet from mobile devices and this number account for quite 80% of all global internet traffic. Smartphones have emerged together of the most ways where people across the planet are accessing the web for both professionals and as individuals. 

And thus if you’re a brand having not considered and you’re targeting people from your sites, you’re almost ignoring the market share. This may definitely lead people to bounce from your website and load on a competitor’s website. This might have negative experiences online, these impressions run deep on the people.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small, medium, or enterprise-level business, if you would like your prospective market within the best and most advantageous way for your success, you would like to possess a neat and straightforward to use mobile website.

Responsive Website Means More Accessibility

On a high note, mobile users are drawn towards compelling storytelling and mobile applications like Instagram and Snapchat. These are destinations where people generally spend money. Similarly, when websites look polished on the mobile web, users spend far more time working with them and as a result, higher levels of sales conversions happen.

And there’s every reason to believe that tremendous profits are often earned by the brands that are best ready to design mobile-friendly storefronts.

If you really want to boost your sales, you may need to opt for developing a neat, responsive website or a web app that allows you to satisfy the audience regardless of the location.

Rule of One Website For All Devices

Mobile users tend to switch across different devices once they consider a replacement purchase. It is likely that you simply will convert audiences to your website regardless of if they’re arriving via desktop, smartphone, netbook, or tablet, but if your site isn’t smooth and flawless, you’ll run out of sales.

The bottom line is simple: if your content isn’t viewable to users, no matter the device they reach you on, you’re opening up the likelihood of missing out on sales from people that were already curious and motivated to act.

Mobile Landing Pages are Way Different

Landing pages are where the users arrive once they visit your website. They’re your best chance to form your first impression an enduring one. There could also be a possibility for sales conversion and generate online revenue.

It is more important where landing pages are designed for mobile web to think about thoughtfully the maxim, “less is more”. This might not be any longer true when involves the mobile web.

Instead of short headlines, about 5 words or less are often sufficient for many pages. Be happy to feature additional copy but on a high note, the top results must be natural when being read on mobile devices of varied technical specifications. You’ll consider testing rigorously before you deploy to finish users to realize insight into how your site looks.

Search Engines Favor Mobile-Friendly Websites

A mobile-friendly website will always assist you to take care of the traffic you’ve got even directing a fresh stream of organic visitors to your platform. If you would like to urge ahead in business, you would like to be ready to access. 

Google always recommends “responsive web design”. This suggests it serves an equivalent HTML code on an equivalent URL no matter the users’ device, but it can render the display differently counting on the screen size.

Online Social Media Presence is Also Important

91% of the mobile internet users access social media platforms. Any neat mobile website is likely to “play” with social media applications much easier. Proper interlinking means that you are enhancing chances to bring direct visitors from your social media platforms. Businesses of all sizes are focusing and reconsidering their overall marketing efforts to require benefits of the social mobile connection. Mobile responsive website development is only going to enhance your brand and the business in the long run.

Why Choose IndiaNIC for Responsive Website Development?

Since 1997, IndiaNIC is a certified and award-winning website development company having delivered unique services in designing the world’s most lovable websites. The team has been helping businesses accelerate their growth through our skeuomorphic designs, parallax and long scroll page designing, mobile design, animations, and much more. 

We have helped businesses of all kinds globally and designed websites for start-ups and big brands alike. Hire web developers from IndiaNIC, who are experts in designing SEO-friendly web pages that can be navigated on any screen size and device. 

What are you waiting for? Contact our web experts today to get a quote at the earliest.

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