UN’s Digital Informative Platform on Drugs & Crime

Perhaps the proudest moment considering IndiaNIC’s global recognition, to have worked for the United Nations. The team couldn’t feel prouder than this, to have helped and worked for the UN (Headquarters in Vienna, Austria) by building an informative CMS website called Act 4 Rule of Law for public awareness.

Project Brief

New global challenges have arisen lately in the global societies for peace and security which threaten the rule of law. UN has been working to eradicate these challenges such as illegal drugs consumption, trafficking, terrorism, etc. by strengthening the rule of law. The idea of this informative website development project was to provide 360° information and general awareness about the ongoing activities and events of UNODC.

Faced Challenges

High quality video resolution settings with suggested video sync in the slider.

The website development was not tricky but the elements within it were asking for all the expertise and experience. The client wanted to have a predefined size of videos integrated on the homepage, with a fixed resolution along with Suggested Videos on the right. Another challenge for us to come up with a real-time Twitter Feed to showcase posts straight away from UNODC’s twitter wall. All of these challenges were meant to be implemented without damaging the speed and responsiveness, to make it mobile friendly.

Project Approach

After the initial discussion with the UN Team from Austria, we finalised our homework to present the strategic roadmap along with design prototypes. We decided to use Drupal technology for this informative website.

As per the demands about the video integration, the skill was to put all these videos into a slider and as the slider changes, the video as well as the suggested videos on the right should change too in a smooth manner. The UI/UX design, HTML, and web team dealt with it brilliantly.

To overcome another challenge for live twitter feeds, our R&D team came up with a solution. Yes, the web team integrated a plugin called Taggbox into the Drupal website.

Key Benefits

  • Selecting the Drupal as an open-source web CMS framework allowed us to do the integrations successfully. Hence, the videos and twitter feeds work along with other functionalities work with perfection without glitches.
  • This website platform could be a blessing for the common people who are in need. These people could actually seek the right help through this informative platform of UNODC.
  • The platform gives a brilliant opportunity to the UNODC’s first mission to spread awareness about the rule of the law, to bring equality and justice to all. UNODC can also broadcast the upcoming events and ongoing activities.
  • The website is responsive and with the world going mobile, the website could be accessible too on your smartphones. The information sharing will not be dependent anymore on the device types.

Team of 2 Drupal developers, 1 UX & 1 HTML designer collaborated to complete the project.


The client, who is an employee of the UN was extremely happy with the collaboration, speed, tech expertise, and thorough communicativeness in the project journey. The website has been launched only a couple of weeks back and there are no CRs as of now. In other words, the dev team was spot on with the client requirements. The client has approved the website completely and promised to see IndiaNIC in the future for software development endeavours.

Technology Used

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