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About project

Two young entrepreneurs thought to have a common platform where all the students from various campuses and universities unite and share relevant information. Since the web portal was in primitive stage, the clients sought IndiaNIC’s services not only to come up with a full-fledgedly working portal, but also to reach more users by embracing mobility.


The objective was to develop an eye-catching web portal along with a user-friendly mobile application that allow students from various universities and colleges all over the world to unite by creating a powerful social media platform.

The attempt was to help students with their syllabus, tips, assignments, knowledge-sharing on specific subjects, and gather to create events in the same cities.

Our Strategy

The web portal had limited features with a very basic design. The roadmap to redesign the entire portal was strategised with all-new web services. Wireframes were made keeping the best user experience in mind and features on the portal were enhanced.

The latest features of popular social media platforms were studied carefully and integrated to augment the overall functionalities of the application. Accordingly, the web services and web portal were beautified.


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Made for

Students within the age group of 14- 24 years

Technologies Used



As a result of carefully designed user interface with seamless web services, the web and app of Almamapper met the objectives of the client. Attractive UI gave better user experience resulting into more number of registered users from desktops and mobile phones.

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