CMS Website to List & Conserve Indian Heritage

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and the souls of its people.” - the client firmly believes it and has been working for conserving the Indian heritage sites for many years. IndiaNIC helped her to create a digital crowdsourcing platform that also represents a national database of 2000+ heritage sites in India.

Project Brief

The core objective was to provide a user-friendly CMS system to add and maintain a database that includes heritage sites, crafts, and traditions from all over India. The client wanted Team IndiaNIC to redesign and redevelop the website as the old version of the website was full of technical glitches and poor in terms of UI/UX and speed.

This purpose was to create a website where the admin can list the heritage sites, list documents, and create awareness about India’s cultural landmarks as the first step to protecting them.

Faced Challenges

Data migration of 2000+ heritage locations & identification of functional glitches of the old website.

The team researched the old website to understand the functionality glitches. There was a challenge to migrate the contained information of more than 2000+ heritage sites of India. There was a custom feature called the travel planner which needed to be developed. Every single heritage was meant to be accustomed to this travel planner, which was a tedious process indeed.

Project Approach

To rectify the website speed, we suggested redeveloping a website leveraging the power of Angular framework and PHP. The web experts came up with a strategic architecture in one go that fulfills the project objectives. The team kept the navigation simple on the homepage that guides visitors to explore all the heritage locations with an efficient travel planner module. The data migration was planned and put in the place effectively with no flaws at all.

The website development and testing were put in synch to avoid any iterations at the end of the project to save time. That ensured quality and flawless delivery of this website.

Key Benefits

  • India is losing its built heritage at an alarming rate where there are still so many monuments that are unearthed. This website platform helps to identify, list, and conserve all of them.
  • A centralized platform with listings of all the heritage sites with multimedia information for reference at any time.
  • The travel planner feature has Google Map integration that helps users with the distance and duration parameters. It also shows nearby heritages in order to complete their final route of the journey.
  • Data management is extremely user-friendly. Admins can easily add, delete, and manage the list of heritage sites and information from the backend without any tech expertise required.
  • Users can contact the admin by filling a form in the “Add to list section” if they come across any site that can be added to the list. There are predefined criteria for considering the monuments as heritage sites.
  • It empowers users to identify if any building or site is having value to be considered and added as an Indian heritage.
  • This database website works as a reliable source of information with articles, news, information about traditional crafts, cuisines, festivals, and much more.

Dev team comprised of UI/UX, Angular, PHP, MySQL experts to develop and deliver.


The client was extremely happy with the redesign and redevelopment efforts of Team IndiaNIC, for delivering state-of-the-art UI/UX design and features. The overall look and feel of the new responsive website are user-friendly to boost visitor’s experience, even while using any smartphone device.

Technology Used

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