Multilingual Dubai Tourism App for Enhanced Tourist Experience

We developed a City Tourism App for Dubai Government to enhance visitor's experience by providing every bit of information about the city on a mobile. The app was crafted as a platform to connect the classical and modern worlds.

Project Brief

Dubai Culture concept was brought to reality in March 2008 by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, with a mission to empower the culture, heritage, arts and literature sectors to thrive happiness leveraging mobile app technology. It was also a vision to establish the city as a vibrant and Global Arabian Metropolis that shapes culture and art, with an eye for innovative project initiatives and partnerships, regionally and globally. Mobile development team at IndiaNIC developed app to provide complete information about the key locations, attractions, events, and recently discovered artifacts in Dubai leveraging technologies like AR and iBeacons to increase user experience.

The Problem

Having one of the best city infrastructures in the world, it was time to turn the attention towards enhancing visitor’s experience through a City tourism app, Dubai Culture.

For any visitor, it would be quite difficult to find all the details regarding all the worth visiting sites and events of Dubai. This is because of the differences in personal interests of the tourists. Visitors could find scattered information about the places to visit in Dubai. However, the authenticity of information is always at stake if information is not provided from trusted sources. The meteoric rise in the popularity of Dubai on a global level also resulted in increased footfalls of tourists. The Dubai government wanted to bridge a gap considering visitors needs and promoting culture through a mobile app.

Our Strategy

After understanding the vision of the government and purpose behind Dubai Culture App, we worked around streamlining the functionality leveraging our guided city tour project expertise. We decided and integrated multiple technologies like Google Maps integration for location tracking that users can use easily through their smartphones. We also used AR features integrated with Moodstuck, Estimote ibeacons to identify users for broadcasting messages about relevant artifacts and locations and easy to use GUI made app wonderful and most useful for travellers visiting Dubai.To make it better for all, IndiaNIC developed this city tourism app with language localization (multilingual app). The Dubai Culture app is available in Arabic and English languages.

Key Benefits

  • We love to explore places we have never visited before. Above and beyond the GPS systems, iBeacon can be a boon for such travellers in new cities leveraging city tour app development leveraging iBeacon technology.
  • Visitors need loads of information and Augmented reality (AR) technology can serve to ensure much of this information is available to them, 24/7, at times it is most relevant enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • The information related to all the ongoing, upcoming as well as past events of the Dubai Culture with all the information including latest photos, videos, drone videos. Having an audio/ video guide is cost-effective option to eliminate the need for expensive human guides.
  • Payment Gateway integration within the app helps visitors to book tickets for any upcoming events instantly, This helps tourists in avoiding queues to save time.

A dedicated team of UI/UX Designers, Developers and Quality Analysts collaborated with Dubai government to deliver a complete city tour app for visitors.


We developed Admin app with analytic dashboard that could track location specific footfalls for crowd management based on demographics. Peak timings also can be carried out in order to plan and manage the future strategies. Admins were able to change the content effectively that is broadcasted through iBeacons. Also, the government had seen vast improvements in the feedback about the app usage with a new horizon of project initiatives surrounding Dubai Culture.

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