About project

The client is a pro-traveler and had been using navigation system of cars quite extensively while travelling. However, for him, it was never easy to remember addresses for all of his friends, relatives and customers. Moreover, it was always a cumbersome task to find their addresses from the contacts, enter it in car or phone’s navigation system, and start navigation.

The client travels a lot and he always comes across many places or locations that he would like to save or share amongst friends. For e.g. a good restaurant, an ancient architecture, a cheaper gas station, an affordable hotel, etc. It would of course be a herculean task to save/share such locations through traditional methods.


The client primarily sought for a handy solution to update and share addresses of the contacts on mobile devices. The aim was to replace the complex procedure to find the location of people who are in the contact lists with a hassle-free updating and sharing the addresses.

The idea further grew up to an extent that DYRCT was proposed to be an impeccable mobile app not only to share the addresses but also other locations and public places. The folders in the application would contain unique places and their information.

Our Strategy

The business and technology experts at IndiaNIC had to come up with a product where users can automatically see personal and business locations of all the people in their Contact List and who are using the DYRCT app. The solution was to be just a ‘one-touch’ navigation system that users will be guided through a detailed map through step-by-step directions. Within the app, the function of calling Uber cabs was to be integrated in case the users would not like to use their own vehicles.

After having worked on ‘one-touch’ navigation to the specific contacts and addresses, storing and sharing locations and places was of the major concern. An idea of ‘Folders’ would solve that. The users can store any location with its name in a particular Folder. Furthermore, the Folder can be easily shared with any other app users.

The users can create unlimited Folders. Each Folder can be made public or private. So, in case, if users would like to make their Folders searchable then those have to be public. The users can also assign ‘hashtags’ to each of them to make them easily searchable. For e.g. a Folder named “Venice” may contain the list of ‘must-to-visit places’ with hashtags #venice, #beautifulcity, #heaven, etc. And, the other app users can search this folder using those hashtags, and can navigate to either of those places with the most innovative DYRCT ecosystem.


Made for

All users for whom travelling has been an integral part of life, either for leisure or for business

Technologies Used

Angular js


The proposed solution, in the form of a final product, turned out to be a game-changer in geo-location app category. The app was downloaded by thousands of users within just a few weeks of its launch. Moreover, the client is already in touch with potential car makers to get the app integrated with their navigation ecosystem, with a pool of other advanced features. DYRCT has successfully managed to gain a reputable position in app markets because of its easy-to-use, hassle-free, and a unique concept. Client has already got a road-map to take the app ahead with more advanced version in coming months.