GSP Of Sweden

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Enhancing an ecommerce platform selling electronic accessories.

Overview Of Project

GSP of sweden is an ecommerce website that sells mobile and computer accessories as well as repairing tools and spare parts of various electronic devices.

The client came to IndiaNIC with a requirement to re-design their old website to grow their business and get more users on their platform. He also wanted to make the website look aestheticlly pleasing.

Our Task

The old website was really outdated and needed a completely new design outlook. Whether it was the homepage design, the login screen or the product listing view, it all looked old fashioned with no consideration to modern UI. Our challenge was to design a platform where all the products could be displayed smartly with more graphical information and less textual content so users can navigate easily and complete purchases with utmost ease.


To achieve navigation simplicity for an array of products, we used various product category icons on the main search menu to simplify the user experience. The icons were designed keeping the latest ecommerce trends in mind.

Product Detail

The main design enhancement was needed on the product grid/listview as well as the product details screen. We minimized the design so that users can quickly get more information in less screen space. We also kept the design clutter free with only important call to action buttons.

Shopping Cart

To avoid shopping cart abandonment and create a great user experience to fulfill a purchase we made sure that the website was mobile responsive. We also kept the “check out” process fast and simple to make sure people fulfill the purchase.


As the initial goal of redesigning was to get more visitors and increase sales, we created an attractive landing page for GSP with attractive offers and promotional banners. Keeping design aesthetics in mind we used a single color scheme to compliment the brand logo and keep the consistency going. We also designed a newsletter for subscribers that could be rolled out by the admin.

Colors We Used

Type Face