About project

The client is a leading Italian commission-based recruiter firm or a job placement service provider. The client outsourced the project dedicated to job seekers and job providers to IndiaNIC.

IdeaLavoro is a dynamic website and customized apps for both iOS and Android platforms. Both job seekers and employers of Italy are the target audience for this project.


Initially, the client had a static website without any notable features. The objective was to switch from static to dynamic website with all desired features. The client acts as a common link between prospective employees or job seekers and employers. As a job placement assistant, the client wished to integrate all the business processes in websites and customized mobile apps.

The client sought for a holistic web and app solution that can efficiently addresses distinct labor laws and work-culture of Italy while offering access to the real-time data about job seekers and providers.

Our Strategy

IndiaNIC introduced a Timesheet and timesheet-based invoice system for facilitating the client’s intermediate role between both the employees and employers. IndiaNIC also proposed the client to opt for a contract with employers while remaining the commission-based placement assistant.

IndiaNIC developers did extensive R&D about an Italian job market and the government laws to come up with the dynamic website and mobile apps. Integrated payout flexibility was added in the solution for addressing daily wages while protecting employers’ interests.


Made for

Jobseekers & employers of Italy

Technologies Used



A robust web portal along with a strong admin panel facilitated the client to track and manage activities of job seekers and employers. The customized solution with a holistic approach enabled the client to simplify complex business processes. The client could access the real-time data and the users could readily manage their tasks.