Missions Buddy

Travel & Tourism

About project

The client is a designer and an avid traveler. The client found a business opportunity in organizing trips online. The client came with a clear concept and a complete project design.

Missions Buddy is an all-in-one web application that facilitates trip organizers and individuals to arrange trips and to get sponsors for their trips. As an online fundraising platform for the trip organizers and travelers, Missions Buddy application takes care of every aspect of traveling.


The client had an innovative concept to establish an online fundraising platform for various trips. A platform with itinerary, task assignment tools, expense management tools, and other necessary features needed to be integrated into the client-developed design.

The client emphasized on pixel perfect design in the mobile app-friendly and future-ready web app architecture. Laravel framework was a preferred choice of the client for developing a customized web app.

Our Strategy

Special care was given to make the design pixel perfect along with UI/UX of the application while making the user-friendly application. Experts at IndiaNIC suggested a cost-effective solution for fundraising through which the fund will directly deposit into the fund admin account, thereby eliminating complexities of an escrow account.

A single ‘sign in’ was implemented to facilitate the trip planners in managing their trips as well as trips of other planners. A scalable architecture was developed by the project team at IndiaNIC while addressing the client’s needs.


Made for

Super Admin, individuals (who manage their trips themselves), tour planners, supporters (persons who fund trips of their friends/relatives)

Technologies Used



The client has got rid of tedious manual and digital process collaboration. An enterprise-grade mobile app enabled the client to facilitate the business process while automating a manual process. The client witnessed enhancement in productivity and flexibility through simplifying complex business processes. Employees can now leverage the benefits of enterprise mobility while filling information on the move.