About project

The client, headquartered in Singapore, offers online shopping facility to the Indonesian customers. Mumu is an eCommerce platform that offers end-to-end shopping solution to the customers while offering a ‘human touch’. The project is a blend of automated order placement and manual shopping and delivery processes.


Instacart is one of the most popular American eCommerce platform and the client contacted IndiaNIC with a vision to have an online store similar to Instacart. The client had a unique concept of delivery boys named as ‘Muvers’. It was a challenge to integrate the client’s concept of manual shopping and delivery process with an automated eCommerce website.

Replacement facility and payment on approval were two desired features on which online store developers at IndiaNIC had to work. The client opted for human interaction instead of a usual shipment process while facilitating the customers to buy the products from the selected super store through Movers and to get delivery as per their convenience.

Our Strategy

After extensive research on Instacart and other similar eCommerce platform, IndiaNIC came up with a customized eCommerce solution for the client. IndiaNIC carefully defined the role of Movers and discussed the same with the client, thereby effectively addressed the tweaks in managing Movers. Experienced developers at IndiaNIC suggested some useful tips for enhancing design and UI of the client’s website as well as customized mobile apps.

To facilitate the human interaction, the developers successfully integrated ‘Authorize and capture’ feature along with a payment gateway. The feature was included for addressing the client’s replacement and payment-related requirements. A perfect sync has been defined between customers, Muvers, and admin in every aspect of online shopping.


Made for

Especially Indonesian consumers who buy groceries and day-to-day required items themselves

Technologies Used



Mumu is one of the few online superstores that offer a human touch in purchasing products. The client got the excellent response from the Indonesian customers for the customized online store. A website and mobile apps together increased flexibility and productivity of the client’s business.