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Shipping and receiving parcels has never been this easy.

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About Package Delivery

Package delivery is a mobile app designed to simplify and enhance the user expereince around package delivery, payment, tracking and recieving the final parcel. It challenges old and tideous parcel delivery systems with its fresh and user friendly interface, designed for people who like to send all sorts of parcels across.

About Packages Delivery
Our Challenges Packages

Our Challenges

There are several platforms that do exactly what Package Delivery does. The challenge for our design team was to brainstorm and conceptualize around making the UX design different from the competitors, yet stay relevant to the industry standards.

The User Flow

One of the other challenges of the project was to identify user personas and map out their user journeys. Doing this was highly crucial for the successful implementation of the idea since we realized there wasn’t any specific target audience and the app would be used by a different set of users belonging to different demographics, it was crucial to design it in a way that it would be relevant and easy to use for everyone.

Create Shipment

One of the more important screens was of “creating a shipment” and filling in the required details. A special feature of selecting “irregular shipment type” which could range from crockery, food to even pets was introduced.

Track Orders

Order tracking is the most important user flow of any delivery system. While tracking screens are confusing and full of clutter, we designed the “track order” screen with a birds-eye view of the entire track history to keep the user’s efficiency in mind.

Received Packages

The last and the final step was of receiving packages. With only important information showcasing in the received package history, the users can also exploe their entire shipment list and view status for each shipment.


Our team of graphic designers created several unique icons and illustrations that matched with the brand logo and enhanced the overall theme and look.

Color Palette

To keep the design minimal and intuitive, we used white as our background colour and shades of blue to create energy.


Our team of graphic designers created several unique icons and illustrations that matched with the brand logo and enhanced the overall theme and look.

The UX Fundamental

To enhance the overall user experience of the app, we not only created thematic UI design but also incorporated a few key features to make Package Delivery a go-to platform for its varied users.

Chat Feature

A one on one chatting option where users can send in inquiries related to their shipment, payment or order status. The user will be connected directly to the admin which makes it a one of a kind experience on any delivery app.

Review Delivery

Users who are on the recieving end of the final user jourey can post detailed reviews about the actual parcel and its condition as well as the driver who delivered it. Package delivery aims to create a safe community of trust between its various users, which IndiaNIC helped them achieve through modern and intuitive UI design.

Payment Screen

The payment screen was designed to show maximum information with minimum clutter. As there were so many features made to be fit in a confined space of a single screen. From detailed payment breakup to discount codes and different payment methods.

The Final Screens

All in all the entire app looked extremely modern & minimal with various UX functionalites at the core of its design.

I’m very pleased with quality of the work done on the project. They were informative in each step through the entire project and advised on the solutions. Overall well done and looking farther on future upgrades on my project.