BR Network

The BR Network app is the perfect accompaniment for any person working in the construction industry. From sourcing more work to chasing outstanding invoices, this app has you covered.

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About Project

The BR Network app works alongside the hard working Resource Centre team at BR Network’s office, providing you with access to all of our solution services right from your phone. The solution services are split up into 2 main sections. One set are support services that save you time and help to relieve the admin business pressures, and the other set will focus on improving profit by helping your success rate and winning you more local secured work.


  • Search and view documents & project mail
  • Access documents and mail offline via Favorites
  • Create mail when offline and on the move
  • Attach photos, videos & audio notes to mails
  • Upload digital media as documents
  • Access unread, outstanding & overdue tasks

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