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A “Smarter” supply chain management solution innovated for hospitals and 3rd party manufacturers to deliver requested components based on the patients’ data.

Php web development

About Project

It’s a multi-layered software solution- with No Muss, No Fuss- that streamlines a channel between hospitals, medical staff, and component vendors. Surgeons or medical staff can create and track the patient cases on which an artificial human part or component will be incorporated and delivered by 3rd party. This software solution ensures the efficient delivery of the required component before surgery.

The challenge for Team IndiaNIC was to provide 6 different user roles in the same portal based on the operational process. We did that successfully with a power-packed set of features.


  • Cases list and Management
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Chat screen for all Cases
  • Case timeline
  • Proposal Flow of the case
  • Case status manage by various roles
  • WebEx meeting
  • 3D Files, X ray and JPG files incorporation in the case
  • Reports
  • Meeting Unavailability
  • User Calendar

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