Health and Wellness


Client approached IndiaNIC to create a website that would be a enhancement of the Client's brand and would serve to establish a benchmark for client's marketing for multiple spa in middle east.


About Project

The concept of community for Enritsch extends beyond providing solutions to people’s daily challenges. It also means supporting those in the global sense of the word through charitable partnerships. Revenues will be derived from businesses operating in the Health & Wellness industries, who can use Enritsch’s platform as a new ‘online shop front’, or as an additional sales and promotional channel. 25% of net profits will be directed to causes in the area of mental health. The key priority is to create a sustainable business, which in turn, will enable Enritsch to continuously contribute increased levels of support. In time, as the community grows–people will also be able to actively participate in various ways to humanitarian causes, which is something everyone wants to do, but often don’t know how.


  • Find & Book appointments
  • Multiple Role based functionalities
  • Chat with expert
  • user-friendly interface with customized back end administrative features
  • pictures of the spa facilities and services offered by the spa as well as pictures of the staff and hours of operation inside a comprehensive database
  • Latest Offers
  • Related Events

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