Zombie Aftermath

You wake up and find yourself in a hospital thinking… “How did I get here? Why am I here? Who did this to me?” You think of these questions as you battle a new world of zombies

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About Project

Zombie Aftermath is a challenging, fun and gut-wrenching game. You play as Gyden, a soldier in the military who is trying to find his way back to his brother Drayden and General Collins. His life is changed forever when he realizes he’s alone and surrounded by zombies. Zombie Aftermath takes you on an action packed, edge of your seat ride as you battle zombies and find your way to the answers to your questions.


  • 3D graphics with realistic lighting to present the intensity of zombies
  • 10 exciting levels
  • Deserted hospitals, sniper levels, bonus rounds and military bases
  • Multiple Gun Selections

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