Our Awesome Clients

Our team strongly believes in delivering experiences. This goes far beyond producing solutions by using only technology.

Fully satisfied with the quick response time, in-house knowledge, communication, and flexibility to scale up resources when needed. Feels like they work nearby.

Martijn Lindeman

CEO, Follow.Travel

The Goodwill Choice Website and Application has exceeded all our expectations. Communication & correspondence has been great, clarifying & addressing issues was absolutely prompt with Rahul. My experience with IndiaNIC has been great, I personally thank Rahul and the development team and look forward to continuing our association in future.

John Ciccia

Founder, Goodwill Choice

“I find IndiaNIC to be the best for its reliability, quality, responsiveness, and transparency. I worked in collaboration with UI/UX designers and project leads who helped us in achieving our vision with quality in time.”

Kathleen O Martinez

Startup Venture Capital

“What’s unique about IndiaNIC is the great value that add and flexibility to develop the product.”

Nick jag

Pacmaps Inc

“They listened to my ideas, made recommendation and helped me make the app that I wanted to make.”

Kevin Giffhorn

WeLearn Educational

“I liked their attention to the detail and communication skills.”

James Currie

Nikon’s Birding Adventures

“IndiaNIC comes up with great ideas that we implemented, which helped my business and customers a great deal.”

Daniel Lewis

Forex Signal

“It’s been 5 years now with IndiaNIC and I am pleasantly surprised the way they solved offshore problem for me.”

Ehi Binitie


“IndiaNIC made it very easy right from conceptualisation phase to the final app.”

Alan Cohen

Gralan Pty Ltd

“It’s been a wonderful experience. I’m surprised how innovative the team is.”

Ghedalia Gold Pastor

Puzzable Game

“They’ve been enthusiastic and keen in producing quality product. They’re willing to step up and try to make an effort.”

Greg Faust

Faust Fundamentals

“They’re easy to contact and work with. Every step of the way, they kept in touch with me.”

John Cleaves

Jury Tracker

IndiaNIC brought my idea to life, with their inputs not just on game, but also on user experience and other guidelines.

Dennis Wilson

Lead Runner

“IndiaNIC was very valuable for our project. By the time we finished, IndiaNIC was almost a resource in house.”

Carmelo Milian

Master Capital IT Solutions

“I made the right choice to choose IndiaNIC. Everything worked as I hoped, in fact better.”

Alvin Harrison

Mobile Task Tracker

“What a team! Unbelievable. Starting from task to completion, we couldn’t have asked for a better team.”

Ron Shai & Slava

FEPO Corporation

Rahul kept the entire team motivated since taking over our project and drenched an uplifting spirit while patiently listening to our ever changing requirements due to business nature.

Terry Etl

President, Acclaim Legal Solutions LLC

Client Testimonial
We are overwhelmed by the app development service provided by IndiaNIC that involved a lot of engagement, daily exchanges through basecamp and other platforms, a lot of communication, etc. IndiaNIC made it all smooth and professional. We will look forward to IndiaNIC for our future endeavors too.

Nilesh Buddha

Founder & CEO

Client Testimonial
The urgency and attention to detail is what made me go with them. Rahul was there at any moment or day needed to answer questions. They entirely worked around my schedule, availability, requirements, and deadlines. They know the app world so well.

Ilmar Molder

Founder & CEO

Client Testimonial
The company is very transparent. IndiaNIC developed our app from nothing and was very good at giving us new ideas for how the app may be more user friendly.

Stephanie Derrington

Founder & CEO

Client Testimonial
Yash and the team were very responsive throughout our project ensuring that we were moving in the right direction in a timely manner. I have no complaints with their work and look forward to working with them again should the need arise.

James Greaser

Co-Founder at STUDI

Client Testimonial
Our project required high expectations, multiple stakeholders, several unknowns, and obviously risks. I needed a solid, seasoned, reliable and responsive vendor I could count on to navigate these 'ships' and steer them to their successful completions which IndiaNIC has provided.

Mr. Bittu Dey

Product Delivery Manager

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