How to select the right technology stack for web application development?

By Rania Apr 1, 2021, 3:53:32 PM , In Advice
How to select the right technology stack for web application development?

Developing a digital product brings many challenges from making sure of the feasibility of the idea to finding the right development partner but when it comes to app development or web development you add to that the challenge of deciding which technology stack your project will be built on! 

This blog is all about how to nail your tech stack choice according to your project needs and which technologies are time-proven and recommended by our experts for your help?

What is a technology stack?

A technology stack or solution stack is an infrastructure and an ecosystem of tools, frameworks, programming languages, technologies, components (including front-end, back-end, and database), and services used for software development to build digital solutions 

How important it is to choose the right tech stack?

As a business owner, you are not forced to understand technicalities but one wrong decision can cost you a lot so if you aren’t experienced in web development, leave the choice to professionals!
Here are the reasons why it is so important to make the right tech stack choice for your project:

  • The technology stack affects the performance of your application and so affects the user experience
  • The wrong choice can cost you huge financial losses and your notoriety 
  • Future maintenance of the app highly depends on the effectiveness of the tech stack you used

How to select the right technology stack for web application development?

Now that you have a general understanding of what a technology stack is, here are the best practices recommended by our experts to help you make a suitable choice:

Don’t Choose Based on Personal Preferences or competitor’s experience 

Choosing according to personal preferences only works if you are our self coming from a solid web development background. If your project is similar to rival companies it doesn’t mean it has similar needs so 

 Hearing things from here and there will get you nowhere! Seek the help of web developers and experts if you don’t have in-depth knowledge of the web development process.

Don’t Choose Based on Previous Project experience

No matter how successful your previous projects turned out, they are in the past! There is no size fit all!  A new day means new technology means whole new things to consider!

The technology stack that you used for your last project doesn’t make it appropriate for the current project.

Choose according to the Size of the web app you are aiming to develop

The choice shouldn’t only depend on the initial size of the project but should also put into consideration the evolution of the complexity of the project with its growth of the database and other components.

So, you need to select a technology stack that can handle the complexity over time.

Chose according do your app category

Apps with a maximum of 3 or 4 pages are considered as small projects including portfolios, and other small web solutions which can be easily designed using Webflow or Readymag tools.

Apps such as financial apps, online stores are considered to have a medium complexity with more features and are usually developed using frameworks like Node JS, Angular, and so on.

On-demand model-based apps and social networks are usually very complex requiring higher performance, more tech layers better serviceability, and top-notch scalability.

Consider Your marketing strategy and deadline

If you are having a short time to market your product opt for MVP development (minimum viable product) allowing you to get early feedback from early adopters and suggest important changes in features of your web app.

Choose according to the Architecture of your app

The tech stack you are using should be ready to support reusability, portability,  and scalability and also allow the inclusion of  additional tools and frameworks if required

Choose according to your pockets!

Remember that no value comes for free!  It is important to decide beforehand how much you are willing to spend on creating a web app of your own.

Develop web applications with IndiaNIC experts!

With our 22 years of row experience in the field, we observed quite a big number of entrepreneurs struggling when it comes to choosing a tech stack. Whether you are looking for a full-stack developer, tech brains, or the best advice for your upcoming project our polyvalent experts will make sure you get the technology stack that suits the structure of your app and pays homage to your pockets!

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