Android Offers More Flexibility to the Users

By admin Feb 8, 2021, 6:57:56 AM , In Mobile Apps
Android Offers More Flexibility to the Users

Apple and Android users like to stay busy in the never-ending debate about one’s superiority over the other. But, the fact is, we get the most innovative devices because of stiff competition between them. How about getting an idea about the flexibility offered by both of them?

When it comes to stunning appearance and amazing performance, Apple has an upper hand over Android. But when it comes to customization, it fails to give enough room to the users. While Android offers higher flexibility to adjust features, apps, widgets, etc.

How does Android offer more flexibility?

Following are some of the aspects in which Android offer more flexibility to users:

App organization: Android is way superior when it comes to organizing apps in the smartphones. Users can put important and most frequent apps on the home screens while hiding less useful apps in the app drawer. On the other hand, iPhone apps are messed up while placing them in folders.

App organization

Widgets: Android’s widgets are more useful than that of iPhones. They are more innovatively designed in Android than the same in iPhones and play a vital role in home screen customization. Users can move widgets across home screen panels, and some of the Android phones offer flexibility to resize them.


Keyboard and swipe gestures: Android keyboard is slightly better than the Apple one as it includes punctuation on the same screen as the letters. Of course, users can opt for third-party keyboards but the built-in keyboard in Android is better than that of Apple in both ways- usage and swipe gestures.

Keyboard and swipe gestures

Time keeping: Android offers better timekeeping then Apple. Android phones from Motorola and Samsung have smart sensors that can automatically show the time as soon as users pull their mobiles out of pockets. Android includes a super- dim “daydream” clock that stays on during nighttime charging. An iPhone lacks it.

Time keeping

In brief, Android phones offer much more flexibility to the users when it comes to customization of apps, use of keyboards and widgets, etc. In addition, we can’t deny that Play Store is the biggest app store from number of apps viewpoint.

Does Apple way behind of Android?

The answer to this question is plain ‘NO’. By no means, Apple is a way behind than its Android counterpart in offering flexibility and functionality. Super-fast processor and smarter camera are some of the examples of the fact that Apple cares for convenience and interests of users.

Does Apple way behind of Android

As Apple focuses on innovation, we can assume that in upcoming models of iPhones, Apple will consider giving higher flexibility to the users just like Android OS.

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