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How we helped create a networking app for actors and agencies.

About Agent App

Agent app is a social networking platform designed for actors and agencies to create networks, get hired, identify new talent and grow business. There are three users on the app. The actors, the agencies and the admin.

Our client approached IndiaNIC with a basic idea of what he wanted, and we further helped him define it down to the detail in terms of functionality and design.


While ideating and laying out requirements for any new idea, we begin with doing an in-depth analysis of user personas and their user flows in the app. To define things in a detailed and systematic manner, we created wireframes of both the actor and the industry flow.

Wireframes made by our business analysts not only helped feed the design team for better engineering but when we shared this with the client, they too were able to give better insights after seeing a rough skeleton of their idea.

Filtered Search

To enhance the overall experience of the process, we introduced a filtered search option for both the users and the agents.

Users could filter and search for other actors, industries or verified users on the app. Along with that we introduced a state and city specific search criteria so users can connect to people in their geographic proximity.



The Final Takeaway

Agent app is a revolutionary idea for the filming and casting industry. It successfully eliminates the middle man and gets potential talent in touch with their respective agencies and industries. We helped our client achieve exactly what he had in his mind by advancing the platforms functionality and UX design.

Between laying out the app and how it will work, IndiaNIC citied many additions that would greatly improve the look and feel for the users. They know and understand the app world so well, that you’ll love the final product.

Ilmar Molder