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Deals App is a brainchild of two college students who often looked out for savings deals on an array of products from different industries. They wanted to create an app where they could help users benefit from the best deals available on their favourite products.



Of This App

  • Create user profile and add interests of specific industry deals.
  • View collection of deals & the details regarding new deals available.
  • Filter out the deals based on the available categories.
  • Users can also bookmark deals, which can be viewed from Bookmark tab.
  • In the detail of each deal user can see the collection of images, deal description and comments added by the other users of the application.
  • User can create their own channels for chatting with other users.

Deal Detail Page

Once the deal is posted on the app, users can get detailed information about the product along with it’s discounted prices and description. They can also view and add comments on the offer. The client wanted to add an easy buy option so we decided to incorporate a third party page where users can directly buy the product.


Profit Graph Screen

One of the unique features was the users can view the profits they made through the deals app in their past purchases. For every purchase users can enter details and get a birds eye view through a graph representation.

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