About project

CykelKraft is a Swedish brick-and-mortar bike shop. It has gained popularity as one of the most reliable bike shops since 1994. The client thought to convert existing offline business into an online store while adding all types of bikes and accessories. is an online shop that offers an end-to-end solution for purchasing bikes in Sweden. It has included varieties of supplementary products including accessories and health drinks for the avid bikers.


The client came with a wish to leverage the benefits of e commerce for an existing traditional bike shop in Sweden. The client also sought for an expert advice related to online selling and marketing of a range of products.

The client’s concept was to develop a customized online platform for various products fall under the category of bikes and accessories. The client also wished to offer a facility to purchase energy drink online while the customers enjoy biking anywhere in Sweden. An online insurance buying facility was also demanded by the client.

Our Strategy

IndiaNIC suggested an ERP integration with an online store for managing inventory and other business processes. As a technology freak, the client has adequate technical knowledge, but he was unaware of online marketing, SEO, and other eCommerce-related tactics. Location-based SEO services and product-feed promotion were offered by marketing experts at IndiaNIC to serve the client’s purpose.

The client relies heavily on the suppliers and IndiaNIC facilitated data fetching in a customized eCommerce store and suggested the concept of database synchronization. Advanced customized product search was implemented for enabling the customers to decide the bike depending on various parameters including height, gender, etc.


Made for

Swedish bike enthusiasts and almost all age of Swedish people

Technologies Used

Angular JS


CykelCraft receives high web traffic every day. About 10 K users visit the online store daily, and the number significantly increases during the festival season or discount time. It is an achievement for any firm based in the small countries like Sweden. The client’s website is on the first page of local Google SERP. The client witnessed a threefold increase in sales after having an online store with innovative and interactive features.