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The client sought for the traveling solution for those who visit Dubai. The app would help visitors to know about the location, the current events (if any), and all information that makes travelling to Dubai the most memorable moments.

The travel app needed to connect the classical and modern avatar of Dubai where the visitors can learn about the sightseeing places and ancient monuments through the digital world.


The objective was to create a highly interactive app to bring key locations, attractions, events, and recently discovered artifacts in Dubai on mobile. By using this app, the visitors would get all the information about the locations, including maps, description, galleries, working hours, contact information and more.

The app was projected as a tool to let the travellers experience the moments before even visiting the places. The app would give the detail view i.e. it would display attractions in panorama view and a map view. The best part of the application was to make it an iBeacon compatible app. A notification/message would trigger when the iBeacon identifies the application. The message would contain relevant information about the place. The objective was to make a complete mobile Dubai travel solution.

Our Strategy

Technology experts ponder over the objectives stated by the client. They came up with an app having features of making a favorite list of attractions, set some reminders and share the details with friends and family. When users reach the site using the in app map or linked Google Map, the app will guide them using the latest iBeacon Bluetooth technology to display the visited locations and show exclusive information available on site.

The challenge of getting genuine information about all the monuments and tourists’ places was overcome by contacting authentic bodies in Dubai. Tidbits like a drone view, iBeacon technology, etc. tested the skills of the experts in which they successfully scored well.


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Tourists & visitors who travel to Dubai

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IndiaNIC made an application that would serve the purpose of sharing and displaying rich information about the sightseeing places in the city of Dubai. Not only did the app become a handy tool for tourists visiting Dubai, but also made its way on the most preferred travelling application in Dubai.

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