About project

Federal Demographic Council (FDC) is a governmental agency based in the UAE. The client engages in the assessment of immigrants through fetching data from various airports across the country.

FDC iPad app shows the real-time data of the visitors and settlers from across the world who come to any of the seven emirates of the UAE in a graphical fashion.


The client keeps the record of the immigrants on a quarterly basis across the UAE. Live data sync on a mobile device was a core objective of the client. Initially, the client hired a magazine to display the geographical data, but later on, the client felt the need of a customized mobile app for the real-time access to data in more graphical and animated manner.

While emphasizing on app security, the client was certain about having an app that can seamlessly run on the high-resolution display as that of iPad Pro. It was also necessary to load a huge amount of data in a few moments while giving priority to fetch a real-time data from the server.

Our Strategy

IndiaNIC implemented real-time sync to fetch the data from the server and display the same on iPad Pro with a decent animation. The specific structure developed and designed by the client was also included in the customized iPad app through a robust CMS. An innovative customized graphical framework was developed to facilitate interactive and animated presentation of the client’s data.

As the client emphasized on safety and security, experts at IndiaNIC combined SQLCipher along with a characteristic Touch ID of an iPad. An agile methodology with a dedicated model was adopted since the inception of this project for the quick inclusion of massive updates.


Made for

Only for Federal Demographic Council(FDC) HOD and officers

Technologies Used



The client enables to take and implement immigration-related decisions promptly using a graphical representation of data in the customized app. The client can readily trace the immigrants with a criminal background through customized FDC app.