Go Karts


Behind the Scenes

When go karts concept first came to our mind, before starting the project we did a lot of research. Our team studied about various types of go karts, there best suitable RPM for the game and also about the racing tracks. And on the basis of our team research we found out that there were no go karts game available on the app store with real world open sky racing tracks. As we wanted to give the real racing experience to our users worldwide. Our art team studied a lot of real world F1 tracks & made customized tracks based on our game requirements. We applied the same process to the karts and made several prototypes and finally came up with a design which works best with our physics engine. With the latest version our Go Karts franchise we raised the bar of craziness higher with the multiplayer functionality.

The Concept

A real world environment multiplayer go kart game with racing tracks from all over the world. Various modes to play namely career mode, quick racing modes and multiplayer mode. Along with gameplay mode there are also various challenges like time trial, knockout round and championships.


Designing the real world tracks along with the karts physics was a real challenge for us, but the bigger challenge was to optimize the jaw dropping graphics and the overall code to an extent where it runs smoothly on a mobile device, while maintaining the FPS. In the end we managed to do it all the result became a history.


More then 2 Million+ downloads and still counting.