Social Networking

About project

Like it’s rightly said “There’s a lot in a name”. Our client wished to create a solution that worked at lightning speed. The idea was very clear. He wanted to create a platform where people could “quickly” add feedbacks and ratings for all sorts of places. And we as a team had only one goal- to make the “quickee app” as fast and efficient as possible. The embodiment was to make it the synonymous platform in the industry for sharing feedbacks and ratings.


The client wanted the MVP up and running for this fun new social media app. He wanted IndiaNIC to help ideate, develop and implement the final tech stack with the help of our experienced iOS developers. The apps global success and the clients requirements was what we needed to focus on.

The market shift is obvious with an app available for everything. The process of leaving feedbacks and ratings shouldn’t be tedious and lengthy like they once used to be. It shouldn’t be intimidating and that’s what we kept in mind at all times while devising the features and functionality of the “quickee app”.

Our Strategy

What makes Quickee so different is the fact that it lets you review and rate all sorts of places from cafes, bars, telecommunication companies to your favourite electricity provider. How intriguing right? Not only that, but staying true to the idea of quick feedbacks, the app works with locations powered by maps so you can easily add a review right where you are. The effortlessness of adding a feedback can be experienced by its users throughout the app. It aims to in a way disrupt the the review market where there is a lot of clutter and no particular platform to find the most genuine and relevant feedbacks.

After a lot many phone calls and discussions with the client, we went ahead to develop a modern, fast and extremely user friendly app. The client wanted the app to load as fast as 0.2 seconds and be extremely free of bugs. The entire emphasis was on devising a solution that is topnotch and can be an industry leader. We used Swift 4.2 as our development framework to achieve the results that the client wanted. An automated bug testing mechanism was also introduced so that the client can get notified in good time. All the tiny details and technicality was kept under consideration to finally create the best user experience for the quickee app.


Made for

Millennials, People on the move

Technologies Used

Angular JS


The end results very extremely pleasing as the app turned out just the way it was envisioned. The client wanted to take a 6 month period before the launch of the app to ensure that it’s at its best marketing potential and reaches as many users as it can. IndiaNIC complied with the client needs and successfully delivered the app just in time.