About project

Our client is an academic establishment that wanted to create a web platform for the education sector to manage all students and courses in an organized tradition. With the increasing number of assignments and courses with a different faculty member or assessor for each subject, the need to develop a platform to manage it all in one place was real. Our client wanted to develop a fully functional and easy to use web platform for students, assessors as well as supervisors where daily tasks could be conducted and information could be shared back and forth.


The primary objective of IndiaNIC for this project was to develop a SAAS based web platform, that would be then rolled out to its different users. We successfully took on the initiative and went on to design and develop a really useful product for the education sector. The client was very clear with what he wanted to achieve with the platform in question. That not only helped us get the right start but also made it easier to lay out the scope and budget. Many phone calls later, we finalised on the “must have” features and functionality of the platform. Doing this helped us design the solution very smoothly.

Our Strategy

The name “Next G” holds a lot of significance as it’s truly the most ideal way to manage millennials who are the students of the next generation. Every major academic establishment and universities have adapted this solution to create a professional yet friendly environment through this system. Next G is all about ease of use and simplicity for its students and supervisors who can carry various tasks throughout their academic journey.

The interface and visual design was done keeping in mind the professional look that a portal like this needed to carry. With blue and white color schemes and minimal graphical content along with heavy use of call to action icons, the design was pixel perfect and ready to take code. We used a SAAS based web platform to develop the solution as we thought it would be the most apt in terms of rolling it out to various parties involved. Finally the entire solution took shape and was ready for its first MVP release.


Made for

Academic Institutions, Students , Colleges

Technologies Used

Angular Js


The end results very extremely satisfying as the web platform turned out just the way it was envisioned. The client was also extremely satisfied by the overall look and feel of the solution. IndiaNIC takes a lot of pride in being able to devise and develop modern and fully equipped solutions like these for our renowned clients.