Mumu is an online supermarket and a grocery store that facilitates online shopping for day-to-day needs of the customers.
Grocery shopping online - Mumu - IndiaNIC

About Project

Mumu is a personal assistant to meet your everyday needs of online supermarket. At Mumu, customer can select nearby stores available, and order things as per their needs. The customer can also get alternative products in case the desired item is not available in the store. A Muver goes to the store and buys the ordered items and delivers on given location at specified delivery time.


  • Allow customers to see your catalogue
  • Configure your delivery area
  • Net order notification and manage deliver on the go
  • Send push notification or SMS for offers and discounts
  • Full user accessibility (e.g. alt tags for images)
  • Fully optimized (meta tags, title tag, headers, keyword placement)
  • Google Analytics integration