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PicFrenzy is a mobile hub that provides options for you to host events discover popular local events and see the events your friends are attending.
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PicFrenzy helps app users to organise an event and allow attendees to upload pics of the event, an easy way to collect event pics! If you are having an event, sign up on the app, write a short description, set a time limit and watch the pictures roll in. App also lets you choose the event you want to attend and utilizes your map to take you there. When you arrive at the event you instantly become the on-site photographer by taking pictures in the PicFrenzy app while, of course, having a blast!



  • Invite Friend
  • Invite via Email
  • Delete Event
  • Invite from contact
  • Invite Guests List
  • Gallery of photos
  • Upload more photos
  • Add and Edit An Event
  • Add and Display Photo
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