Puzzle And Arcade

Snoopy Whoopy

Join the adventures of your cute little friend "Snoopy" who is deliberately waiting to be a part of your life. His super cuteness and innocence will take your heart. We are sure that you will love him and he will love you back in his adventurous ways.
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About Project

Luck played a game with him and he found himself in a strange trouble. Did you know that Snoopy has always enjoyed a good relationship with trouble?

Snoopy peeps into the volcano and bends a little too much. His curiosity turns into an exciting adventure. With a courageous heart and a creative mind he is on his way up to escape from the perilous volcano. Help him in his quest to reach the top and be a free bird again.



  • 80 breathtaking levels with addictive game play.
  • Eight different Zones and two adventurous Worlds with unique enemies and obstacles.
  • Essential power ups like Balloon Shield or Double Balloon to support the escape plan
  • Collect free diamonds in bonus levels.
  • Cool Wallpaper Friendly Graphics (Yes, you can print screen and make your screen look like Snoopy!)
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