Ujwal Bharat

The client is a Ministry of Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy and are focused on illuminating the life of every Indian thus creating an Ujwal Bharat and wanted IndiaNIC to portray the same in designing.
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About Project

With the Ujwal Bharat platform now rolling out across the public service  in all areas of government are witnessing how a streamlined and more powerful way of providing content and information can produce significant benefits. But the success of Ujwal Bharat goes beyond simplifying infrastructure and IT processes. The entire project is a landmark for transformation in government on multiple fronts — allowing the public service to take a leading role in spreading dream 24X7 Power for all from Indian Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi.



  • Government of India information site
  • Multi-language Site(Hindi and English)
  • Swap Page slider Integration
  • Responsive Design Integration
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