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About Shopnowtofund

ShopNowToFund is not just like any other online marketplace you already use. Although it has one very unique difference. They give 40¢ of every $1 you spend on their website to a “do-good” cause.

The client has been in this business for a long time and wanted IndiaNIC to completely revamp the UI/UX of this unique platform. The only thing while designing this was to attract more users to shop here, simplify due to its seamless shopping experience and intuitive features.

SNTF Category


The category section was divided into two parts. One was to view the charities on board and the fund they had raised. And the second one was the shopping categories available for the users.

We designed various icons to go with the theme of the website and help users navigate easily for a seamless shopping experience.

SNTF Different Category

Our team of business analysts carried out a detailed feature listing after several brainstorming sessions with the client. The uniqueness about this platform was that the users could even choose which sector of the society they wanted to contribute to.

Alongside, users could also buy products from a wide range of products such as health, beauty, fashion etc.

The user experience around shopping on SNTF was at the core of the success of the platform.

Create Campaign

An added functionality of the platform was that users could create a Campaign on the platform to raise funds. This part of the website would be dedicated to a special cause to where shoppers can make donations.

Create Campaign

Raise Funds

Like we said, SNTF was more than just a marketplace, we meant it. While improving the UI design of the platform, we decided to add a graphical representation of all the funds raised so people visiting the website can get a birds-eye view of the current scenario and hence be motivated to make donations.

Raising Funds

Keep Track

We added a clean bar graph for users to quickly view information regarding the ongoing campaigns and the details about specific donations and contributions. This not only enhanced the overall functionality but also turned out helpful for users.

Tracking Code

Color Palettes



Frame Work

The Final Takeaway

All in all, SNTF was a challenging yet fun project for our team as it required ideating and designing on two forefronts. One of a marketplace and other of a charity website.

SNTF Final Takeaway
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